Thursday, September 15, 2011

HEB Deals: T bone steak under $10/lb

There are quite a few deals at HEB this week, especially at the new location in the back of The Woodlands. The Wednesday Chronicle has the weekly ads, but you can also find them at the front of the store. HEB does a pretty good job of displaying the deals around the store. The one that caught my attention the most was the Prime T-bone steaks for under $10/lb. Here is the wikipedia entry on T bone steaks: . The T-bone is a combination of a strip steak and the tenderloin. Here is the wikipedia entry on filet mignon: Considering the cost of filet mignon by itself, this really is a deal. You can always request, which steak you think is best and if you don't see one in the display, you can ask them to cut you some more. We have found that a lof the steaks that we get at HEB hold up well to freezing. I would expect each steak to be in the 1lb range so think of this as inexpensive in home dinner compared to going out for the same thing. That is assuming you don't mind grilling.

Saving with Shellie has even more HEB coupon match ups here.

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