Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Lunch at Bennihana

We went to lunch today at Bennihana. Their marketing worked on me. If you sign up for their email list, you get a $30 gift certificate for your birthday. They also will give your kids a free decorative piece on theirs. So, we went. I was really pleased with our experience. No wait. I ordered the Salmon Boat for $9. It was cute because it looked like a boat! There was a lot of food and variety of food on it: Edamame, vegetable tempura (which I love!) half a california roll, salmon and tuna sashima, a little piece of grilled salmon, a seaweed salad, half an orange cut in pieces with a little sword stuck in, plus, a salad, miso soup, and a bowl of white steamed rice! I ordered a half a Philadelphia roll for $3.25 for my little one and shared. I like that during lunch you can order half orders of sushi. That is nice so you can get a variety of things. The coupon for the decorative piece said with purchase of kids meal. Their kids meals were more than my lunch so I was willing to pass it because I knew my guy just wanted Sushi anyway. I never mentioned it. I just had it on the table. Well, the redeemed it, plus took our picture and gave it to us in a Bennihana frame, plus sang to us Happy Birthday, plus gave us a plate full of pineapple. Because we ordered Sushi, we didn't need the Hibachi grill, but the woman across from us ordered the chicken and we got to watch the whole thing. Great entertainment. Perfect for special occasions. I can't believe adults can easily eat there in the $9 range for lunch. Overall, I rank this place kid friendly (if they can sit in a chair and aren't bothered by the fan vent noise), healthy (possibly low carb if you skip the rice and fried tempura), relatively fast, entertaining, upscale, and great customer service. I can only think of a few places that do all that in this price range. They are still doing their all you can eat sushi in the night for $26. Also, I saw people eating alone. I can see that working for people because everyone is facing the grill anyways.

I think I am going to have to make a ranking of our local sushi choices.

Money Saving Mom: Coupon Terms and Abbreviations

Money Saving Mom is one of my all time favorite blogs to read. She gives a lot of useful tips and has an interesting story.

I promise that one day soon I will compile that list of blogs to get on.

For now, sign up for hers and read this post about about Coupon terms and abbreviations. I think I will start call manufacturer's coupons mfr because of it. :)

Free Lemonade from LJS

I just received a coupon from Long John Silver in my email for a frozen lemonade. Cool.

Here is the website to get on their mailing list. They have a lot of coupons online, too.

The closest location to me is in Panther Creek, and there is another one on 242. Both of them are with Taco Bell.

LJS is one of the few drive through places that have veggies on their menu. Their corn on the cob is cheap, and you can get a vegetable medley. I just try to stay away from fried food. Anyone try their grilled fish, yet?

I still have their other free drink coupons that came in the Sunday paper to use up.

20% off all Beer at Westheimer Central Market

I saw the ad in the Houston Chronicle for 20% off all Beer at Westheimer Central Market. I have never seen that promo before. I wonder if ours will do the same deal!

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Free Lettuce Wrap at PF CHANGS!

Yum! I love 'em!

Just give your email here and they will email you the coupon!

They are still giving 10% off if you have a warrior card (free from their website!), and they have good happy hour special between 3-6.

My Mail Today: 6/29/2010

$5 Rebate check from Johnsons and Johnsons
1 Via Starbucks sample + coupons
3 Crystal Light samples from vocalpoint + coupons
KFC coupons including buy a drink get a free sandwich next week
1 Freestyle Test Meter and 100 Test Strips (for my mom).
HMNS Magazine
American Academy of Pediatrics Magazine.

Woohoo! Lots of good stuff! I love getting mail like this. It is like getting presents! I am making the lemon flavored crystal light sample right now! I like that it is flavored with stevia instead of sugar.

Getting stuff in the mail inspires me to sign up to get more stuff! I wonder why it comes in surges.

$100 Signing Time Full Collection 32 DVD &12 Music CD US Version Brand New

Hey guys, I just found a seller for Signing Time. The more of us who go in on getting it in a wholesale lot, the cheaper it becomes. On the Signing time website, the full collection retails at over $700. We can get it for $100. We have been checking these out of the library this summer and really enjoying it. I figure a home set is easier. My little one started singing the ABCs after watching the ABC DVD. Woohoo! I can ship it to you media mail or you can pick it up from me in person. I have to order it, so it might take a week to get. If you are interested, shoot me a private email.

Also, I have found Your Baby Can Read 5 DVD Set for $50. If we want all the books and such, it is $100 for the complete set. Same deal. If interested email me. (normally retails at $200 on their website).

Both sets are brand new in box and never been opened.

Houston Zoo not free on July 4th.

Check out these FAQs about visiting the zoo during the July 4th weekend. I stay away the whole summer because it is too hot and crowded. Parking is a bear!

I missed the update, but Admission prices increased on December 15th, 2009 by $1. You can buy discounted tickets at Fiesta (by $2).

These days are still free: New Year's Day, Martin Luther King, Jr. Day, President's Day, Columbus Day, and the Friday after Thanksgiving

Did I mention that I stay away on free days, too, because of the crowds? I guess I am spoiled with my membership, which I paid $45 as a renewing member. With a Zoo membership I can go every day for with a charge!

Trolley Map

Here is the a link to The Woodlands Trolley Map. It runs from 11am-8pm Monday - Saturday and 12pm-6pm on Sunday.

The Woodlands Trolley: Free!

I love the Trolley. I suggest riding round trip. Just look for a trolley stop sign around Market Street. Stand and wait. A trolley is supposed to come every 20 minutes. We love the view. We often see horses and ducks. FYI: The trolley is air conditioned, and the drivers are friendly. They know a lot about the area.

Warning: no food or drinks allowed on trolleys. Also, no seat belts. So hold on!

$1 Healthy Snack at HEB

So, today I was in HEB (Market street) to grab the Orange Plate special for $4.99 (definitely a good deal!), and I picked up a container and filled it with veggies I knew my little one would eat. The Salad Bar is $3.99/lb and our total cost was $1.04 plus tax for tomatos, olives, cucumbers, baby corn, hearts of palm (for me), shredded carrots, and a piece of broccoli. He ate pretty much all of it, and shared my meal. I also saw that they had cous cous on the salad bar, which is cheaper than in the other cafe on the run part. I don't know anywhere else you can get cut up bite size veggies when you are the go. I wish there were more healthy drive thru options in the world.

As we were walking out, we went through the floral section, and the florist asked if we would like a balloon for free. It says HEB buddy on it. We got a free balloon the last time we were in HEB, too. While we were shopping, someone from IBC bank came up to us and gave us a balloon and a lollipop. So, you never now what you'll find there.

Monday, June 28, 2010

Five Guys Burgers and Fries on Lake Conroe.

I finally ate at Five Guys Burgers and Fries on Lake Conroe today. If you wanted to, you can eat there for around $6-7.

Here is one possible scenario:
Hot Dog: $3.19
Regular Fries: $2.89
Total: $6.08 plus tax.

Their fries are pretty generous and can be shared.

Their famous hamburger is $4.69
and their little hamburger is $3.39.

So, overall it is about the same price as a fast food joint, but better quality. I like that you can sit outside by the lake and you can add whatever toppings you would like to your burger for no additional charge (besides cheese and bacon).

They are open from 11am -10pm seven days a week so this is a good later night eatery, too.

I guess it just seems cheap because our local hamburger joints are Fuddruckers and Johnny Rockets, and the hamburgers at Fuddruckers start at $5.09.

ps. They also have all you can peanuts while you wait the seven minutes for your burger to be ready.

I vote this place kid friendly, especially because you can go out and feed the fish right outside on the Marina.


HEB: Orange Plate Special $4.99 this week and more deals!

I know, the grocery week is almost over, but I was in there today at the Market street location and I saw (and got some of ) the following deals.

The orange plate special has $1 off coupon at Cafe on the Run making it $4.99. So, another lunch under $5. You get to pick your protein and two sides. This is a pretty good deal!

Also, (not that we should actually eat them) I saw $1 off HEB Coupon on a dozen glazed donuts. They are cheap to start with and this puts it well under the $3 mark. So, tomorrow could be the day to make friends in the morning with whoever you can treat with donuts.

Near the freezer section and cracker aisle, there is a side display of Keebler crackers. On the boxes I found a Buy Keebler Wheatables, get Keebler Wheatables Nutcrisp free coupon and hanging down I found a $1 off a wheatables box. So, total cost for two boxes is $1.50. Whoohoo!

I found a 60 ct tub of Pampers Wipes for $1.97. I had a coupon for $2 off in my baby section! Woohoo! I can't remember when I clipped it.

I picked up a bottle of Johnsons and Johnsons baby shampoo. Retail $2.98 - $1 Johnsons coupon = $1.98 Not the best price, but a good enough price to get it.

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Zen in the Art of Self-Resistance

Scroll down and click on The Exercises. This is a super cool website that shows you how to do exercise using your body as resistance. Think yoga meets building muscles.

Friday, June 25, 2010

Barnes and Noble: $1.78 - $1.99 Kids Books!

I just found another deal at Barnes and Noble online. The books start at $1.78. There are a ton of books under $1.99. Go to clearance and click on your child's age group. They have a lot of books on clearance for cheap, not just kids.

They also are doing b1 toys and games, get one at 50% off. Ends June 28.

Borders is doing 40% off in store with coupon. You should definitely get a borders reward card (for free). I get the best coupons from them in my email. Ends June 28. I love Melissa and Doug, and they have a nice selection. They also have cute Toy Story Legos.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Confirmed: Free Spicy Chicken Sandwich at Chick Fil A on July 3.

Cheap Eats in Houston gave me the lead that if you Wear red, white, and blue to Chick Fil A on July 3rd you get a free Spicy Chicken Sandwich. I went through the Drive Thru at the Lake Woodlands location and saw the sign confirming that you do indeed get a free spicy chicken sandwich if you wear red white and blue from 9:30am -11pm on July 3. Anyone else been to another chick fil a in The Woodlands that also had sign up? Leave a comment or email me to let me know!

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Tip of the Day: Shmooze with the salespeople!

So, here is my tip of the day. Shmooze with the salespeople. I often think aloud when I am trying to make a decision, and often sales people will chime in with their opinions and suggestions. Today it paid off at Cinemark Tinseltown The Woodlands. During the Clubhouse days you get an $1 off their $4.75 Snack Pack. I have never purchased it so I was asking questions about it. The salesperson told me that it is a reasonable amount of popcorn if you get the drink outside the pack. And he was right! So, next time you go, ask for the drink on the side. The popcorn amount is reasonable for one person (or one kid). The drink is pretty little. Maybe 10 oz? They give you a long laffy taffy rope, too. So, if you have kids that have to have popcorn and you don't want to, then this could be the way to go.

Monday, June 21, 2010

Easy Recipe for Thousand Island Dressing

I am not sure what made me think of it, but I thought I would share this easy recipe for thousand island.

Combine mayo, ketchup, and sweet pickle recipe in a small bowl. Stir, and Voila! I just eyeball the amounts. My favorite brands are Hellman's Light Mayo and Heinz Sugar free Ketchup, so that helps with calories and fat.

Try it, and let me know what y'all think!

Cheap eats at the Concession Stand at Bear Branch

The concession stand at Bear Branch Park is now open! Attached is their menu. (I am not sure if I can forward pdfs to the blog, but we'll try)

The Concesssion stand is open daily 11 a.m. - 9 p.m. all week long.

I can't tell y'all about the quality of the food, but it seems to be your standard concession style food at typical prices. Of course, it is cheaper (and healthier!) to run to the store and make your own picnic.

Highlights from the menu are Snow Cones for $2.
BBQ Sandwich: $3. Ice Cream: $1. Coffee: $1.

I got the menu from being on the Rec Center email list. If you live here, I suggest signing up for their email list.

ps. They opened their new bathrooms by the park, too! Bear Branch is one of my favorite parks in The Woodlands. Good for all ages, but especially good for those who are learning to walk.

Bundles/Packages vs A La Carte

The secret to getting the best deal is to know your prices (and to quickly do the math to see which is better. If you can't do then  math in your head, then google search the answer (It acts like a calculator), get a free calculator, or buy a calculator. I saw super nice TI non - graphing calculators for $9.99 at Office Depot, so don't pay more than that. I believe you can get basic calculators at most dollar stores for $1.)

For example, last weekend, I went to Moody Gardens. The lowest hotel price was $2.29 + tax. Plus, we wanted the unlimited passes, which were advertised at $49. They were (and still are) doing a promotion of Buy 1 day, get a second day free on the unlimited passes. Btw, you save at least $30 by doing the unlimited pass bundle if you actually do everything. These passes go for a few dollars less if you buy them online. They also offer at the park that you can upgrade the day pass to a summer pass for $35 dollars.

Moody Gardens offered us a package deal. Get a nice room plus 2 tickets and free valet parking for $289, including tax. Now do the math. It is like getting one of those tickets for free at least. So, this is an example where bundles are good!

Second example, Kids meals at most fast food places. McDs offers their hamburger kids meal for $2.49. A small fries, and small drink come off the dollar menu at $1/item. That leaves you $0.50 for a hamburger and a toy. Deal!

Same thing with the Chick Fil A Kids Meal. Check it out.

Next example, today I went to La Madeline to try their new tea (for free!), and I got the duet magnifique. I had half a cold sandwich (tuna), a small side cesear salad, and a bowl of tomato soup (add $1.20 for a bowl instead of cup). for $6.99 + $1.20 + free drink + tax. My little one and I shared saving us the $4.19 on the kids meal, which he probably wouldn't have eaten. If I remember correctly, the bowl of soup would have been around $5 by itself and the side salad about $4. Woohoo! ps. We love to dip their bread into the soup. Yum!

Bundles only work if you want everything in the bundle. If you don't, then it might be cheaper to go a la carte than to buy things you don't need and cant use.

A la carte is often better at sit down restaurants.
I know many mexican restaurants often make bundle meals (and it is like getting the rice and/or beans for free), but what if you don't want the rice or beans or just want a stuffed avocado. or you want 1 stuffed avocado and 1 chile relleno. Then, look at the a la carte menu. You can find some real deals, and make your own meal. Casa Imperial comes to my mind on this topic.

Sometimes restaurants charge you for silly things so check the prices before you order or be brave and ask your server how much something costs.

Most Mexican restaurants will bring you tortillas for free, but some charge.

This reminds me of my internal debate of whether or not it is worthwhile to get a kids meal. Some kids meals aren't anything special and are overpriced. Others are great and are generous. This is where ordering something a la carte to add to your meal can be a fab idea. Sometimes, we get an appetizer and a main course and share, too. (think queso! mmm)

Some places market things as bundles and you don't save any more than if you buy them separately or they even charge more then if you order off of the a la carte menu.

So, overall it doesn't matter which way you order as long as you are getting what you want and you do different combinations in your head to see how the price comes out best.

World Market: Free Movie Ticket when you spend $10

I just got this in my email today. $10 is almost  the price of a movie ticket by itself. There are coupons out there to sweeten this deal.

Get a FREE Movie Ticket when you spend $10 or more.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Free Refill on Large Soda at Tinseltown The Woodlands.

We went to Toy Story 3, today. It was cute. There were mad lines, and the first showing we wanted to go to was sold out.

I saw at the concessions that for the next few weeks they are offering a free refill on your large soda. And, you can get a refill on your large Popcorn, too.

I suggest eating across the street at Hubble and Hudson before. You get much better quality of food for less than Movie Theater prices.

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Salads around The Woodlands

I was just talking about where to get a good salad around town, so I compiled a list for everyone.

Sweet Tomatos - You guys already know that this is my favorite place to go for salads.
Cheesecake Factory - I used to really adore their Sante Fe Salad. I think it was the dressing that made me fall for it.
Buca Di Beppo - My favorite is their apple gorgonzola!
La Madeline - They have my favorite Cesear salad around.
Cafe Express - I like that you can add sundried tomatos and garlic cloves to your liking.
The Grotto - We like their house salad.
Hubble and Hudson has a place to order salads. You can even make your own.
HEB has a salad bar for make your own.

Remember, that not all salads are healthy because they add so many calorie laden things to them.

There are tons of other places to go for salads. These are just my top go to places around town. Sweet Tomatos is the best deal when you have a coupon. Google for the addresses if you don't know where they are.

HEB Catalinas: Free Stuff!

We got two catalinas (the coupons that print out when you check out) for free things today. (Kleenex Hand Towels and any one Poise product). I don't know what we bought that triggered these. Anyone know how to find out the Catalina list for HEB? I have seen other bloggers talk about lists for other stores.

Also, I have definitely noticed that there are more free things printing out recently at check out, so this is your heads up to watch what you get. I still have that Free Smart Balance milk coupon for whoever wants it.

Friday, June 18, 2010

Buy $50 Borders Gift card get $10

If you know your are going to spend that much anyway then by prepaying you get an extra $10! Also, a good gift idea. I recently bought Barnes Gift Cards and wish they had a promo like  this! These are usually far and few between. Mostly around December do they start popping up.

Gift Card Special Offer

Toy Story 3 Cupcakes are $1 off at HEB

My memory is definitely not what it used to be. I forgot to tell y'all that I saw an HEB $1 off coupon stuck to 6 packs of Toy Story Cupcakes. They had themed rings stuck on top. I believe it comes down to about $2.50/6 pack and they looked super cute! That about $0.42/cupcake!

Did I mention to y'all my favorite icing at HEB is the elite! Yum! I really like their strawberry shortcake bar cakes! Double yum!
They made us a Cars cupcake cake and it looked super cute. Plus, we got to keep the 2 Cars that were on top!

Free Iced Tea at La Madeleine Monday, June 21st

Visit any La Madeleine Monday, June 21st and choose from regular iced tea or mango tea. No purchase is required and is limited to one per customer.

Check out Houston On The Cheap for the complete scoop!

Tell your Friends about my Blog: Deal Finder E

I am counting on y'all to help me go viral. Please, tell your friends to sign up for my blog. Just enter your email address on the upper RHS of the homepage (, and confirm the link that goes to your email address.

Also, please follow me (Deal Finder E) on Facebook and Twitter, as well. I post special things there!

HEB Yesterday: Free Cookies and Free Peaches

I forgot to tell y'all about my HEB trip yesterday. I went to the one on Rayford/Sawdust and I45. True, it isn't as nice as the one in market street, but I was in the area and we needed milk.

Outside, there were people signing people up for the Houston Chronicle at $1/week for the Sunday Paper. That is the lowest price I have ever seen it. They also were giving away bonuses if you signed up with them. I saw they had Entertainment books (for free! right there! ) and gift cards to HEB. They said they would be there all week.

Inside, I found buy a bag of Fresh Express Lettuce get up to a lb of peaches free ($0.99). The Fresh Express was on sale and they had coupons right in front. Different salads were different prices. So, I paid $1.68 for lettuce and peaches.

I also saw Pepperidge Farm oatmeal chocolate chip cookies that had a try me free sticker on the packages. It was a rebate form. They were on sale for $2.24.

Reminder to check you receipt when you are done. I had 5 coupons, and only 4 scanned. I caught it right away, and they guy fixed it on the spot.

1800Contacts Acuvue Oasys 8 Boxes for $99.68

Here is how I did it:
1800contacts offers to pricematch any deal out there. (They used to add an additional discount on top of that, but they stopped. So, you are asking why bother? The answer is customer service. 1800Contacts will replace for FREE any torn contacts. I buy a year supply at a time, and when they get used up, they will send me the difference in contacts to make it a full year! Plus, the people on the phone are really nice!)

So, I went to Fatwallet and found this deal!

When you call 1800contacts tell them to go to this website:
New Customers - 20% off ANY order over $99 + Free Shipping
Coupon Code: FATWALLET20 (expires 6/18/10 11:59pm)
Plus you earn 11% back through
All returning Oasys customers get a $25 Rebate through J and J. New customers get $75. With 1800contacts, they give an instant rebate instead of having to mail it in. Make sure they do the math in this order for maximum savings.

21.89 *8 * .80 * 0.89 - $25 = $99.68

Woohoo! I have been paying about $100 consistently for a year's supply of contacts for years by pricematching!

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Free Play during My Gym Open House Changed Again!

I am forwarding y'all Keith's email about the change. Good news is that he is now offering unlimited play for the month of July. We did it last summer and liked it because it was a nice indoor activity. That might tempt us to sign up.

Due to unexpected delays in construction, we regrettably must move our Open House date to Tuesday, June 22nd thru Thursday, June 24th .  We thought we would be able to have your new facility ready in time but as you know with construction, it is not always in our control.  Thank you for your understanding and we hope to see you then.  Please check our website for any further updates.  Hope to see everyone at the gym on Tuesday.  All schedule classes will be moved to the following week beginning June 28th.  If you have any questions about your specific class time, please feel free to call me directly at 281-298-4141.  Again, we apologize for the delay.

You are invited to our OPEN HOUSE EVENT on Tuesday, June 22nd thru Thursday, June 24th from 11am to 6pm.  Come check out our Award-winning programs for children ages 7 months to 13 years.   Call to reserve an appointment with one of the staff to discuss enrollment of your child in this amazing program.  We offer noncompetitive gymnastics, cardio classes, sports skills, dance, martial arts instruction for self defense and Now Offering My Gym KidZone After School Program .  We can be reached at 281-298-4141 to schedule a time that works for you or you can stop by between those hours for information and registration paperwork.  Hope to see you there!  My Gym -  where Fitness and Gymnastics is made Fun for Kids!

Please remember that no shoes are permitted on the gymnastic floor carpet and all adults must wear socks on gym floor.  Socks will be available for $2.00 to purchase in the gym if necessary.  Children go barefoot for safety reasons. 


As a bonus to all members we would like to offer UNLIMITED CLASSES during the month of July.  You can attend all of your assigned class times that we offer during the month of July.  Only requirement we have is that you notify us at least 24hrs before you attend so we can make sure we can put you into the computer system and we can expect you for that day.  This is just another way that we would like to thank all of you during this construction process and delays we have experienced.   

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Fwd: Community Information Parking Lot Safety

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: <>
Date: Wed, Jun 16, 2010 at 4:31 PM
Subject: Community Information Parking Lot Safety

Community Information- Parking Lot Safety

Parking Lot Safety
The Woodlands Township Neighborhood Services Department would like to encourage residents to take the following tips and be a partner for a safe community.

DO stay alert. Keep your mind on your surroundings, who's in front of you and who's behind you. Don't get distracted by a cell phone, ipod etc..
DO communicate the message that you're calm, confident, and know where you're going. Stand tall, walk purposefully, and make quick eye contact with people around you.
DO trust your instincts. If you feel uncomfortable in a place or situation, leave.

When out:
*Choose well-lighted and populated  areas when parking.
*Park as close to your destination as possible.
*Have your keys out and ready as you approach your vehicle.
*Lock your doors as soon as you enter your vehicle.
*Carry your purse close to your body and keep a firm grip on it. Carry a wallet in an inside coat or side trouser pocket, not in a rear trouser pocket.
*Travel in groups or while other pedestrians are around if possible.
*Don't overburden yourself with packages and groceries that make it hard to react.
*If you suspect you're being followed by someone head for the nearest well-lighted, populated area. Walk quickly or run to a house or store to call police.

$0.50 McD Ice Cream Cones and Apple Pies at 1960 Location

I saw driving by today that McDonald's on 1960 going eastbound toward I45 has $0.50 McD Ice Cream cones and Apple Pies. Normally, they are $1. I love these ice cream cones.

So from the Woodlands go I45S exit 1960. Go Right onto 1960. Do your first availble U-Turn and you should see it.

Free Play during My Gym Open House 10am - 6pm June 18 only.

They had a delay so open play is now Friday only.

Free for all those who live within CISD: June 17 6-8pm "How to Grow your Child Auditory Brain"

The CISD Parent Resource Center told me about an upcoming event that they said was  big a deal. It is at Oak Ridge High School mulitpurpose room 277330 Oakridge School rd, conroe tx 77385. June 17 6-8pm "How to Grow your Child Auditory Brain" It is free for all those who live within CISD.

The talk is by Dr. Carol Flexer (who is internationally recognized). She will offer parents practical take home suggestions for spoken language and literacy development. The science behind these strategies will be discussed.

Her website has quite a few links to explore, as well.

Coming Soon: Insider's Guide to Moody Gardens

Hint, hint, this explains my mysterious disappearance from blogging this weekend. I have lots of good tips for y'all. I plan to put together all the info I wish I had before I went.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Free Play during My Gym Open House 10am - 6pm June 17 and June 18

My Gym moved and has a new location in the back of The Woodlands near the Branch Crossing YMCA and Mitchell Library. In order to get people in to look at their new space, they are having an OPEN HOUSE EVENT on Thursday, June 17th and Friday, June 18th from 10am to 6pm

Here is an excerpt from their ad from their mailing list.

Come check out our Award-winning programs for children ages 7 months to 13 years.   Call to reserve an appointment with one of the staff to discuss enrollment of your child in this amazing program.  We offer non-competitive gymnastics, cardio classes, sports skills, dance, martial arts instruction for self defense and Now Offering My Gym KidZone After School Program .  We can be reached at 281-298-4141

Please remember that no shoes are permitted on the gymnastic floor carpet and all adults must wear socks on gym floor.  Socks will be available for $2.00 to purchase in the gym if necessary.  Children go barefoot for safety reasons. 


County Line on Lake Conroe: All You Can Eat Beef Ribs and more for $9.95

County Line is one of my all time favorite BBQ places, so I went up to Lake Conroe to eat it today. During the day from 11am-2pm M-F, they have a Lunch Buffet for $9.95. On it, they have yummy Beef Ribs! They also have brisket (and bread for sandwiches), smoked turkey, potato salad, cole slaw, beans, regular salad, and bbq sauce. So, if you love Ribs, this is a great deal. You can get the same All you can eat 3 meats at dinner by ordering the Country Style for $19.99, but they bring it to you. Their website says the same lunch buffet is at their cutten rd location as well (think Willowbrook Mall area on 1960). The other nice thing is that they have an amazing view of the Lake. Immediately outside, you can walk down the dock and feed fish on a special feeding pier. Most of the fish are catfish. They have a food dispenser so bring quarters. We were in and out of the whole area in less than hour so this is great fast option for yummy food and when you have small children, since buffets are kids' best friends.

The County Line BBQ
on Lake Conroe    

15256 Highway 105 West, Montgomery TX 77356
(936) 588-2221

Straight from the website:

Live Music at The County Line on Lake Conroe

 Free Texas Music Series, on the beautiful waterfront patio stage.  Every Friday night starting at 7pm March 5 - September 3.  Come by water or by land, plenty of boat docks and parking. Full band performances by many of your favorite Texas artists...
Rock The Dock Every Saturday night starting June 19th at 9pm all through the summer...

Pappas BBQ on I45 near Woodlands Pkwy: All you can eat Pork Ribs: $7.95

Hey Y'all!
The sign is still up advertising All you can eat ribs at Pappas BBQ on Saturday and Sunday for $7.95. I asked and they are pork ribs. That is a good deal. I don't know how good they are, so report back and tell me.

Monday, June 14, 2010

Free Toy Story 3 Movie Ticket! When you spend $25 at Toys R US!

Free Toy Story 3 Movie Ticket! When you spend $25 at Toys R US!  How cool is that! I got this email today from their mailing list!

Free Movie Ticket with any Toy Story of $25 or more!
Free Shipping on Everything
*Quantities limited; no rain checks. Limit one per guest. Not valid on prior purchases. Up to $7.50 towards the purchase of one child or adult matinee admission to Disney/Pixar Toy Story 3 at participating theaters only between 6/18-7/31/10 up until the local time of participating theater's last screening and subject to seating capacity, whichever comes first. If lost, cannot be replaced. No reproductions accepted. Not to be sold or traded. Offer valid 6/13-6/19/10. Present register receipt containing purchase requirement at Guest Services to receive Movie Ticket.

Friday, June 11, 2010

$25 for an Hour Massage at LSC this summer

Woohoo! Houston on the Cheap found this great deal on Massages. Check out her post here.

Magic Points: Toy Story 3

Save your ticket stubs from Toy Story 3 to get Magic Points at Disney Movie Rewards. com. Also, if you click through their link, you get extra points if you buy your tickets through fandango.

Avenue: Tomorrow Only, 2 for $5 Tanks

Check out this fabulous Deal of the Day event! Shop in-stores tomorrow and pick up our must-have tank now only 2 for $5*. This doorbuster is Saturday only, so be the first to shop!

Click here to print your in-store certificate, or copy and paste: into your browser!

*See in-store certificate for details. Limit total of 2 tanks per customer, must buy 2. Valid Saturday, June 12, 2010. While supplies last. In-store exclusive.

To find a store near you call 1-888-AVENUE-1 or visit

Avenue: Great Fashion, Low Prices...Just Shop!

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Avenue, 2370 Southeastern Avenue, Indianapolis, IN 46201

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Sweepstakes: DJ Hero

My friend Bobby found this promotion and she suggested I forward it on. Simply submit your email for a chance at winning a DJ Hero video game. I clicked no for 1.5 pages and was registered.

Lane Bryant: Camis on Clearance $4.19 or less!

I saw today that there were a bunch of Cami's on Clearance. They are going for 40% off $6.99, which is $4.19. Match that with either your rwd or a coupon and you really have a good deal! I used one as filler today to bump me over $50 in order to get $25 off with my RWD. I also picked up a bathing suit retailing $119 with 30% off with an extra $25 off $75 coupon! Woohoo! They let you do mulitple transactions, since you can't combine a coupon with your RWD.

Disney Store: All Swim Wear is $10.99

I was in there today. They have a sign saying all swimwear is $10.99. Swim accessories are 50% off.  All of this is better than their normal prices (remember the swim stuff was $15 a few weeks ago), but you can do better other places.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Giveaway: Free Milk, plus a bag full of coupons!!

The Milk is a coupon for a half gallon of Smart Balance Milk at HEB. The bag of coupons are all the coupons I have accumulated over the last few weeks that I don't need.

Here are the 2 ways to win it. Leave a comment to this post about your favorite post you have read so far or about what you would like to see me post about. You can do both and have 2 entries. Contest ends Sunday at 10pm. The winner will be randomly selected from the responses.

Good luck!

$0.75 Frozen Drinks at LJS from 2-5pm this Summer.

 LJS has a new HAPPY HOUR with half price IceFlow Frozen Lemonade in Classic Lemonade or with a Strawberry Twist. 

Sunday, June 6, 2010

1000s of Free EBooks!

So, have you heard about the Gutenberg Project? I heard about this years ago, and I thought I would pass on this valuable site to my beloved readers. Google is part of the collaboration. I just looked and it says they are up to 30,000 books! Woohoo! Most of the books are books that are in the public domain, so think classics. I had fun reading the mother goose rhymes. I suggest starting at looking at the top 100 downloaded. Enjoy!

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Update: Free IHOP

So, we went to IHOP today with our free coupon from signing up on Facebook that I mentioned the other day. The coupon says free Fresh and Fruity Rooty Tooty or an entree of equal of lesser value. Normal Retail is $6.99. They let me get the Garden Omelet, which comes with 3 pancakes for $7.99 and charged me the $1 plus $0.06 tax. Nice. Total OOP was $3 with tip.

Friday, June 4, 2010

World Market: Cute Pasta $2.99/ 26 oz

I was in World Market tonight and impulsively purchased 2 giant bags of pasta. One of them is of things that go like trains and airplanes, and the other one is of Zoo Animals. Too cute! I thought $2.99 was a fair retail price, especially since most things there seem to be overpriced. At the check out, the checker signed me up for their free rewards program. I get 10% off my next purchase, a $10 gift card on my birthday, and more coupons emailed to me throughout the year.

The Woodlands Indoor Playground Rankings and Review

Dear Friends,
I have decided to compile a list of our local indoor playgrounds. I have ranked them in my order of preference with a brief description of each place. I hope to create a map with these spots soon. If you know of any more indoor playgounds in the area. Please email me and I will add them to the list. Most of these indoor playgrounds are part of fast food restaurants. Remember, I have a little one who is about turn 3, so I am completely biased to this age group! 

These are all my own opinions. Even though I speak negatively a little bit, I fully appreciate having all these options, and I understand how challenging it can be for businesses to create the perfect indoor play environment. 

Chick Fil A - Sawdust Rd. This indoor playground is the newest playground in the area. I ranked it number one for a few reasons. It is the most age appropriate for my little one. There is a bottom toddler area with an easy to climb section with a slide. I like the glass wall. Parents can easily sit on the other side and see everything that goes on. Because of the division of the play area, food is less likely to go into it, and that makes it cleaner. This is a small playground overall. It is the same set up as the Kuykendahl and 2920 Chick Fil A. This location also get's the number one spot because of the great customer service at Chick Fil A. (Free refills on drinks, free balloons for the asking, trade in kid's prize for ice cream, table toppers, etc..)

McDonalds - I45 near Rayford Sawdust - This one is easy for parents to climb up and to see inside from the outside. I like the big curvy table. There are a few computers with computer games. They have an under-area for toddlers. This play structure is easy to climb for all ages (ok, maybe one little push at a point, but the little ones can play on the bottom part). The kids can get a lot of exercise here. It is like an obstacle course. There is a bathroom right in the play area. This McDonalds is also relatively new and feels nice. 

McDonalds - Sterling Ridge Shopping Center - This elaborate play structure keeps my little ones attention. They have 2 separate ground level play areas. Negatives: My little one points to the locked doors and the alarm. He has climbed on the tables and benches more than once because they are right next to the play structure. This play structure is a little hard to see inside. The garbage can is a tempting to play with because it has a swinging door.

Burger King - Gosling and Research Forest - This is probably the best one for the youngest crowd and for the most protective parents. It is not high off the ground. You can pretty much see everything. You are right next door to the action. Parents can go in if they have to. Negatives: Probably the dirtiest feeling of the indoor playgrounds. Bad customer service. We spilled a drink at our table, told the people twice, and it wasn't cleaned up for 45 minutes. There is a door to the outside right next to the play structure, but the kids don't notice it. They do notice the swinging garbage can. 

Chick Fil A - Lake Woodlands -This play structure is hard for 2-3 year olds to climb up. It is also hard for parents to climb up. There isn't too much for little ones to do if they can't make it past those first steps besides a pretend car.

Chick Fil A - Alden Bridge Shopping Center From what I remember, this set up is the same as the one on Lake Woodlands.

Burger King - 242 and I45. This play structure is the hardest of them all to see inside. There is nothing for really little ones to do. This is probably one of the biggest play structures. There is a door that is open (not locked at all) directly to the parking lot from the play area. There is nothing on the ground floor for the kids to do. Lots of nice natural light from the outside. Feels nicer than the other burger king. Same dirty floor. I question when if ever the play structure has been cleaned. It is probably very hard for any adults to get inside. This one is probably one of the most fun, but it gets a low ranking because of all the negatives.

Incredible Pizza: For awhile, I was going to Incredible Pizza every Thursday ($5 all you can eat buffet, kids 3 and under eat free). I am so happy that a friend persuaded me to go. I thought "Conroe! That is so far!". It really isn't. Maybe 10 Minutes from the front of The Woodlands. Easy directions: I45N exit 84B. Go right at the light. You will see it on your left in the first shopping center. The rides vary in cost anywhere between $0.35 and $1.00. They give you a card so you don't have to keep track of tokens. I highly suggest registering your card in case you ever lose it. There are coupons in the Entertainment book for a free $5 game card with purchase of a buffet at regular price. Wednesday night after 4pm they do $11 buffet plus unlimited games (minus the ticket games and some of the big attractions). They also have birthday packages and private rooms. Wait, I haven't talked about the indoor play structure. In the toddler area, there is an indoor play structure. It is ok. About equal to all the others. The toddler room feels a little dingy because of the old carpet. When my little one was between 1 and 2, I would go with some friends. Pay $5 for lunch and get a $2 game card. The $2 game card was enough because I had the following strategy. Choo Choo for $0.60, merry go round for 3 kids at $0.60, Horse for $0.40, and skee ball for $0.35. Plus, free play in the toddler area, and pretend play pressing all the buttons. So, you see why we were regulars. Where else can you go for $7 for lunch (with drinks) plus entertainment in air conditioning? I also usually ate first, then played, then had dessert on the way out. They will let you order your own pizza if what you want isn't out there. They will even bring it to your table. Their salad bar is decent. I love their Hot Chocolate. If only Sweet Tomotoes would add a playground, they would win on favorite places! Lunch time isn't crowded. Mostly working people come for the inexpensive food, so the play area is empty.

Pump It Up - Probably one of the most popular places in The Woodlands to have a birthday party because they offer all inclusive packages for a reasonable fee. There are many different rooms with a variety of giant inflatables. Fun for all ages. Mostly child proof and well enclosed. The biggest danger are injuries from the other kids. Children under 2 get in free. 2 and over is $6. There are B1G1 coupons on and in the Entertainment book.They also have classes there that are about $10/class. No natural lighting. There is a humming noise because of the fans. I suggest making sure that all the kids are about the same age. Big kids don't mix well with little kids here. Limited hours. This one isn't ranked higher because of the fee, and we get bored after about 20 minutes. Probably better for the older kids. 

Chuck E Cheese - 242 and I45. Disgusting Pizza. At least they added a salad bar. I suggest eating somewhere else and just coming here to play. Week day mornings they are empty. This is a good place to go on Sunday mornings, too. Sign up for their mailing list and they offer a coupon for 100 tokens for $10! That is $0.10/token and all the rides and games only require one token. Stay away from the gambling sort of games, they eat up the tokens the fastest. You don't need prizes. You can buy better toys even at the dollar store. They have a free indoor play structure. They used to have a great one for little ones, but they took it away. They also took away some of the younger rides. The big play structure is hard for the under 2-3 crowd to get up. They can get lost up there away from the slide. You can mostly see what they are doing, but you can get to them yourself. I think Chuck E Cheese is a little overstimulating and under-educational. I definitely don't like going there when there is a crowd. I am not so patient at this sort of place. There are windows so natural light gets in, and it is well maintained. They do a stamp thing at the door to try to make sure that the kids leave with the same people they came with. They offer all sorts of coupons on their website. Shop around for the best coupon promotions. Type chuck e cheese coupons into google or fatwallet and see what comes up. 

The Woodlands Mall Tree - Inside The Woodlands Mall - This is probably the most dangerous of all the playgrounds because the big kids run all over the place and can easily trample little ones. It is easy for the kids to trip. The entrance to the playground is wide. The kids can easily run out, or sneak out by the elevator. They can even climb out over the seats. Parents really have to watch their kids here. There are quite a few blind spots so you have to keep moving around. I can see how a kid could also be taken by a predator since it is in the middle of the mall and there are so many people around. I also tease by calling it the "germ tree" because it also seems like it is never cleaned. This playground is also almost always crowded. I have heard about people coming in before the mall opens at 10am to go play here in order to beat the rush. They open the main mall doors early for walkers. 

Interestingly, most of these playgrounds (besides the germ tree) aren't busy most of the time during the day on weekdays. They seem to peak during the noon hour, after school, and around dinner time. Go check them out and tell me what you think! 

Grand Opening of Tupelo Park: June 12 9am-11am

So, I randomly found this park (with a friend who got lost, clears throat) in March when we went to the Village of Creekside to take pictures of Bluebonnets. Believe it or not, I like it more than the Rob Fleming Playground. Did you hear me say that aloud? Pretty much it has all the nice things Rob Fleming has, and more! I really like how it is right by the water (which was brown when we were there). RF is still the best place in The Woodlands to Fly a kite!

Be warned that there isn't much parking at Tupelo, and that it will start getting hot before 11am. Definitely visit this park at sometime. It is hidden a little bit.

Here is the press release:

The Woodlands Township announces the Grand Opening of Tupelo Park
Tupelo Park
THE WOODLANDS, TEXAS (June 4, 2010) – The Woodlands Township is pleased to announce the Grand Opening of its newest park, Tupelo Park, located at 240 West Tupelo Green Circle in the Village of Creekside Park.

Join the Grand Opening festivities on Saturday, June 12, 2010, from 9 to 11 a.m., with games, crafts, face painting, kayak demonstrations and informative presentations. Breakfast and light refreshments will be served.

The Township recently accepted Tupelo Park, its 118th park, by way of a special warranty deed. The park is an 11.5-acre facility with a canoe launch, pavilion, playground, lighted tennis court, lighted basketball court, picnic area, multi-purpose field and restroom. The lower portion of its terraced lake has a waterfall, and the upper portion has a fountain and is connected to Lake Paloma.

For more information, please contact The Woodlands Township Parks and Recreation Department at 281-210-3900.

Reminder: YMCA Grand Opening Tomorrow and Library Kick off Party on Monday

We have some cool things coming up!

Reminder: YMCA Grand Opening Tomorrow 3:00pm -9pm and Library Summer Reading Kick off on Monday from 10am - 12pm.

Godiva: FREE large chocolate bar when you spend $35.



Free Large Chocolate Bar

Give Dad a break. FREE large chocolate bar when you spend $35.

Valid from June 10, 2010 through June 20, 2010.

Free Toy Story 3 Activities at the Disney Store!

From the Mall's Newsletter: (I highly suggest sign up for The Club because they have lots of promos).

Disney Store

The Toys are Back at Disney Store!

Join us for fun events every Saturday in June as we celebrate the upcoming release of Toy Story 3 in theaters June 18.

June 5: Craft Activity & Photo Opportunity, 11am - 2pm
June 12: Bingo, Session 1 at 11am, Session 2 at 12:30pm
June 19: Scavenger Hunt, 11am - 2pm
June 26: Toy Story 3 Adventure, 11am - 2pm

Minimum age for participation is 3 years. Events subject to change or cancellation without notice. While supplies last.

Free Children's Museum of Houston

Check out Houston On The Cheap's post about free days at the CMH this summer.

Depending on how you look it at, Free days are either days you want to go to or really avoid (because of crowds). Reminder. EVERY Thursday night from 5-8pm is also free at the CMH.

Tickets for Toy Story 3 Now Available

I just got the alert today that you can now buy tickets to Toy Story 3 starting today (at least at Fandango)! Toy Story 3 comes out on June 18. There are tons of free tickets out there for this. I think I am going to decide when I want to go and choose my times today. We definitely are going at least once!

Thursday, June 3, 2010

FREE MFAH Artful Thursday June 10!

Every Thursday is free at the MFAH. They even stay open till 9pm on this day every week. Once a month, they have a special free event. It is usually a performance of some kind followed by a reception (also free!). I adore Eric Ladau, who is the host. This one sounds especially interesting!

From the KUHF Newsletter:
Sweet Treats at Artful Thursday
At the June Artful Thursday, Dr. Tacey Rosolowski follows the evolution of ever more playful and spectacular confections throughout the history and culture of the last 500 years. Join KUHF's Eric Ladau for this FREE event at the Museum of Fine Arts Houston at 6:30pm on Thursday, June 10.

IHOP Eclub on Facebook. Get a free Meal

Thanks It's Hip 2 Save for the lead. IHOP has a new promo. Go here for the sign up page.

New Gmail Account: DealFinderE

I figured it was about time for me to create a designated email related to all of this. You can also link me on Google Buzz, but I don't expect to do much with that.

For those of you who don't know, you can get free gmail accounts by going to their landing page Click create new account. I love Google, and I love GMAIL. There are so many cool things you can do with it. If you already have an account. Look at your upper Right Hand Side of the screen. Do you see a little green beaker? Click on that. Have fun!

New! Follow me on Twitter: DealFinderE

Woohoo! I am on Twitter! I hope to do more internet deals with Twitter. Facebook will be mostly Facebook deals. And the will be my mostly local area deals around The Woodlands, TX.

Be patient with me as I gain momentum using Twitter. It is still new to me.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Free Movies at Santikos Silverado in Tomball

Thanks Kidsstuff Directory for the following information:

June 21 - July 29, 2010
FREE Summer Movies at Santikos Silverado IMAX Theater in Tomball, TX
6 weeks of FREE movies this summer. A new movie is shown each week. Films start at 11 am Monday - Thursday.
Showing: Ice Age 3, Aliens in the Attic, Alvin and the Chipmunks 2, Tooth Fairy, Evan Almighty, and Coraline.
Visit for more information!

Now is the time to Buy the Entertainment Book!

Ok, here is the deal: Click here to access Shop at Home. For clicking through this link, we both get $5. Then type in Entertainment Book. You get $7 back after you purchase the 2011 edition. You get the 2011 for $5 off retail price, plus free shipping, plus you get the 2010 edition free now! ($5 shipping). So, for the Houston area you pay $5 out of pocket now, $30 in August when the new edition comes out, and you get back $12, which makes your net cost for 2 books $23. That is awesome! especially considering I thought I got a deal for the 2010 edition at $20 including shipping. Plus, we get a longer time. If anyone wants to meet up and trade coupons please let me know. There are plenty of coupons I know I wont use and I hate for them to go to waste. So, in summary, now is the time to buy the books!

I just won a movie ticket!

I just won a movie ticket. I just went to the fandango facebook page and got the code that they happened to post 15 seconds before I looked. I am going to redeem another movie ticket I got for free from purchasing Always at Walmart, and go watch the new Shrek! Woohoo!

Thanks Hip2Save for the info:

Fandango is celebrating their 10th Anniversary! During the month of June, they are offering up $0.10 flash ticket giveaways! All you need to do is follow them on Facebook or Twitter and keep checking back for the next $0.10 ticket giveaway!

This is what's states on their Facebook Wall:

"Our first 10 Cent Flash Ticket Giveaway was a wild ride! We call them "Flash Giveaways" because they can happen at any time — so keep your eyes peeled for the next one and make sure to tell your friends."

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

New Stores in Market Street: Tiffany and Co opens in November

I was just going through the Market Street newsletter and website. There are a quite a few new businesses coming to Market Street. The highlight is Tiffany and Co! 

Market Street Children’s Series Peanut Butter & Jamm: Every Saturday, July 10 – August 14 from 9:30 am – 11:30 am.

From the Market Street Website:

Market Street-The Woodlands Presents The Return of its Popular Children's Series Peanut Butter & Jamm!
May 28, 2010

Market Street's Peanut Butter & Jamm Series is designed to encourage children ages 3-10 to become active through music, activities and games and will take place in Market Street's Central Park every Saturday, July 10 – August 14 from 9:30 am – 11:30 am.

Each Saturday children will enjoy kids interactive activities such as arts, crafts, games, and meet a character or two.            
Think your kids might enjoy a day of fun? To participate in the 3rd Annual Peanut Butter & Jamm series, parents must register their children at the Market Street Concierge Desk.  Parents can register the day of the event, however supplies are limited so early registration is recommended.   Come for one Saturday or all five.
Peanut Butter & Jamm is free and open to the public; children must be accompanied by an adult (parent or guardian) at all times during the activities.

Woodlands Car Club This Sunday from 10am -Noon in Market Street

From The Market Street Website:

Cars & Coffee for a Cause
Where: Market StreetWhen: June 6, 2010

The Woodlands Car Club meets the first Sunday of each month at Market Street from 10:00AM-Noon. All interested car enthusiasts are invited to join.

The Woodlands Car Club began as a social organization formed from local car enthusiasts sharing a passion for automobiles of all kinds. Each year, the club donates proceeds from their annual car shows to local non-profit organizations in the Montgomery County area.  

2010 Galveston Sand Castle Competition June 5

Here are the details:

Galveston: Don't miss the 2010 Sandcastle Competition!

by staff

Posted on May 17, 2010 at 2:46 PM

Updated Thursday, May 27 at 12:59 PM

GALVESTON, Texas—For over two decades in the first part of June, Houston area architects, designers, engineers and contractors have taken their tools to East Beach in Galveston for one of the world's largest amateur sandcastle competitions.

The Houston Chapter of the American Institute of Architects (AIA) sponsors the annual contest.

This year, 60 teams have their eyes (and shovels) set on winning the prestigious Golden Bucket Award.

The judging of the sandcastles is rated on originality of concept, artistic execution of the concept, technical difficulty, carving technique, and utilization of the site. In addition to the Golden Bucket, Awards are given in 8 different themed categories, as well as for best team T-shirt design, best team signage, best costume and public favorite.

The event is set to take place on Saturday, June 5 from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Sandcastle building will run from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m., and judging will take place from 3 p.m. to 4:30 p.m.

The awards ceremony will be held from 4:30 p.m. until 5 p.m.

There will be a $10 cash only parking fee, collected by the Galveston Parks Board. Aside from that, the event is free!

Kids Day on The Bayou: June 5 10am - 2pm

Here is the link ( with all the details! Sounds like fun!