Friday, June 18, 2010

1800Contacts Acuvue Oasys 8 Boxes for $99.68

Here is how I did it:
1800contacts offers to pricematch any deal out there. (They used to add an additional discount on top of that, but they stopped. So, you are asking why bother? The answer is customer service. 1800Contacts will replace for FREE any torn contacts. I buy a year supply at a time, and when they get used up, they will send me the difference in contacts to make it a full year! Plus, the people on the phone are really nice!)

So, I went to Fatwallet and found this deal!

When you call 1800contacts tell them to go to this website:
New Customers - 20% off ANY order over $99 + Free Shipping
Coupon Code: FATWALLET20 (expires 6/18/10 11:59pm)
Plus you earn 11% back through
All returning Oasys customers get a $25 Rebate through J and J. New customers get $75. With 1800contacts, they give an instant rebate instead of having to mail it in. Make sure they do the math in this order for maximum savings.

21.89 *8 * .80 * 0.89 - $25 = $99.68

Woohoo! I have been paying about $100 consistently for a year's supply of contacts for years by pricematching!

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