Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Lunch at Bennihana

We went to lunch today at Bennihana. Their marketing worked on me. If you sign up for their email list, you get a $30 gift certificate for your birthday. They also will give your kids a free decorative piece on theirs. So, we went. I was really pleased with our experience. No wait. I ordered the Salmon Boat for $9. It was cute because it looked like a boat! There was a lot of food and variety of food on it: Edamame, vegetable tempura (which I love!) half a california roll, salmon and tuna sashima, a little piece of grilled salmon, a seaweed salad, half an orange cut in pieces with a little sword stuck in, plus, a salad, miso soup, and a bowl of white steamed rice! I ordered a half a Philadelphia roll for $3.25 for my little one and shared. I like that during lunch you can order half orders of sushi. That is nice so you can get a variety of things. The coupon for the decorative piece said with purchase of kids meal. Their kids meals were more than my lunch so I was willing to pass it because I knew my guy just wanted Sushi anyway. I never mentioned it. I just had it on the table. Well, the redeemed it, plus took our picture and gave it to us in a Bennihana frame, plus sang to us Happy Birthday, plus gave us a plate full of pineapple. Because we ordered Sushi, we didn't need the Hibachi grill, but the woman across from us ordered the chicken and we got to watch the whole thing. Great entertainment. Perfect for special occasions. I can't believe adults can easily eat there in the $9 range for lunch. Overall, I rank this place kid friendly (if they can sit in a chair and aren't bothered by the fan vent noise), healthy (possibly low carb if you skip the rice and fried tempura), relatively fast, entertaining, upscale, and great customer service. I can only think of a few places that do all that in this price range. They are still doing their all you can eat sushi in the night for $26. Also, I saw people eating alone. I can see that working for people because everyone is facing the grill anyways.

I think I am going to have to make a ranking of our local sushi choices.

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