Friday, June 25, 2010

Barnes and Noble: $1.78 - $1.99 Kids Books!

I just found another deal at Barnes and Noble online. The books start at $1.78. There are a ton of books under $1.99. Go to clearance and click on your child's age group. They have a lot of books on clearance for cheap, not just kids.

They also are doing b1 toys and games, get one at 50% off. Ends June 28.

Borders is doing 40% off in store with coupon. You should definitely get a borders reward card (for free). I get the best coupons from them in my email. Ends June 28. I love Melissa and Doug, and they have a nice selection. They also have cute Toy Story Legos.


  1. Heads up - just because you can order the cheap books at B&N doesn't mean you are going to get them...I ordered 7/1, got a shipment notification 7/2, got 4 cancellation notices on 7/3 and another shipment notice. We'll see what I actually get once it arrives. It's especially frustrating when your 8 year has pored over the selection and carefully selected books and BANG B&N can't / won't fulfill the order. BAD NEWS GUYS!

  2. OH No! I can't believe they did that. That isn't very good customer service. Did they offer anything in compensation for the inconvenience?


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