Tuesday, June 29, 2010

$1 Healthy Snack at HEB

So, today I was in HEB (Market street) to grab the Orange Plate special for $4.99 (definitely a good deal!), and I picked up a container and filled it with veggies I knew my little one would eat. The Salad Bar is $3.99/lb and our total cost was $1.04 plus tax for tomatos, olives, cucumbers, baby corn, hearts of palm (for me), shredded carrots, and a piece of broccoli. He ate pretty much all of it, and shared my meal. I also saw that they had cous cous on the salad bar, which is cheaper than in the other cafe on the run part. I don't know anywhere else you can get cut up bite size veggies when you are the go. I wish there were more healthy drive thru options in the world.

As we were walking out, we went through the floral section, and the florist asked if we would like a balloon for free. It says HEB buddy on it. We got a free balloon the last time we were in HEB, too. While we were shopping, someone from IBC bank came up to us and gave us a balloon and a lollipop. So, you never now what you'll find there.

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