Saturday, June 19, 2010

Salads around The Woodlands

I was just talking about where to get a good salad around town, so I compiled a list for everyone.

Sweet Tomatos - You guys already know that this is my favorite place to go for salads.
Cheesecake Factory - I used to really adore their Sante Fe Salad. I think it was the dressing that made me fall for it.
Buca Di Beppo - My favorite is their apple gorgonzola!
La Madeline - They have my favorite Cesear salad around.
Cafe Express - I like that you can add sundried tomatos and garlic cloves to your liking.
The Grotto - We like their house salad.
Hubble and Hudson has a place to order salads. You can even make your own.
HEB has a salad bar for make your own.

Remember, that not all salads are healthy because they add so many calorie laden things to them.

There are tons of other places to go for salads. These are just my top go to places around town. Sweet Tomatos is the best deal when you have a coupon. Google for the addresses if you don't know where they are.

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