Friday, November 18, 2011

YMMV: CVS 95% off Halloween Clearance

I ran in today looking for thanksgiving themed items and ended up buying a few halloween things instead. The CVS on Sawdust rd finally had the illy coffee drinks in (worth $2) so I got mine for free with the coupon from the cvs machine that came out a couple of weeks ago. I have one more left. My total purchase was $0.40 + I scanned my reuseable bag card, which is worth $0.25. So, I am happy with the nonesense I got for $0.15! 

ps. They didn't have much thanksgiving things at the CVS or at the Walgreens or at the Dollar Tree, but they did have a lot of thanksgiving themed items at the $0.99 cent store, which is the one next to pump it up. 

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