Monday, June 4, 2012

Summer Movies

Houston on the Cheap has a great post about cheap summer movies. Check it out:

Here are my extra tips about The Woodlands locations

Cinemark Market Street is offering the same movies as the Cinemark Tinseltown on Tuesdays.

Get there early to get your tickets.
You get a $1 off the Kids Snack pack for going to these showings.
Sign up for the Cinemark email list to get weekly coupons.
Hubbell and Hudson is across the street from Cinemark Tinseltown. (The food is yummier there than at Cinemark, and it is usually cheaper and better quality!)
Parking: Both theaters have parking garages. You can park in the shade.
Market Street has smaller screens.
Tuesday is "known" as the least busy of the 3 days to go. Thursday is nicknamed "day care day."

You can by your $5 pass now. Some people suggest it just to avoid having to get there early the day of to get tickets.

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