Monday, November 8, 2010

Toys R Us Hasbro Deal: 8 Games for $10

So, I ran to Toys R Us today for the Hasbro Deal. I ended up getting 8 games for $10! Woohoo! They were pretty well stocked, so if you want to do it, I suggest going soon before they run out. The rebate forms were visible every where. No coupons necessary for the $10 gift card. The staff are familiar with the deal and helpful. One guy went to the back to get me a new Spill the Beans since I only could find one out.

So here is how I did.

Toys R Us is having a promotion that you buy ANY Hasbro games totaling $35 or more you get a $10 Toys R Us gift card (to be used before 12/31/2010). I clarified the any part.
Hasbro is doing a rebate that you get money back for each Game you buy under the different categories. That means you can't buy 35 Candy Lands at a $1 each and get rebates on all of them.

I bought
Candy Land for $3
Chutes and Ladder for $3
Hi Hi Cherryo for $5
Memory for $5
Cooties for $5
Dont Spill the Beans for $5
Ants in my Pants for $5
Dont Break the Ice for $5
Total: $36

Each of the 8 games gives back a $2 rebate, which totals $16. The rebate took 2 seconds to fill out. Make sure you include your Toys R Us receipt.

I resisted buying thing else in the store! Yay, me!

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