Saturday, July 30, 2011

Michael's Trip Report: 7/30/2011

My mom and I went to Michael's to get wooden letters to paint as a craft for the kiddos. Since the trip was spontaneous, I just went to the computer and printed off a 40% off a regular priced item coupon. 

Starting tomorrow for the whole week, you can get 20% off your entire purchase when you print  off the coupon from their website. I think I have to go back. They have a lot of fun things on sale and clearance right now. Some of their clearance items were down to $0.40 a piece. 

Annoyingly, they already have their halloween stuff out. Isn't that crazy to put holiday themed merch. out 3 months ahead of time? I guess if you want to get the best selection on crafty things now is the time to go. I saw in a separate sticker aisle some face part stickers that would go great on small pumpkins for $0.99. They would also look cute on apples, oranges or any fruit or veggie. I think I will get them when I go back with the 20% off coupon. 

There was a lot of summer clearance, too. I like their buckets, where were a $1. Think 20% off is $0.80. The buckets can be painted and decorated as a craft. 

So overall, I felt like my experience today beat a trip to the dollar store because I found the same sort of merchandise for less. Make sure you know your prices at Michaels because some of their regular priced merch is overpriced. It is always nice to shop when there is a sale. I guess when I go I can stop by Lakeshore Learning for their big back to school sale. I have a bunch of coupons. The worst part of shopping for me right now is that I have this urge to shop but we don't really have anything that we need to buy. 

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