Monday, July 18, 2011

Starbucks: $2 Drinks with Receipt after 2pm (insider information)

I was in Starbucks today on Grogan's Mill/Sawdust Rd, and I got 3 receipts for $2 drinks. My Barista let me in on the fact that they will accept the receipts on any day not just that day. Woohoo!

How did I get 3 receipts you ask?
I needed to reload my rewards card and I got a receipt for that.
I bought my $1.59 Pike's Place Tall in a Grande cup (room for milk). 
I got a free refill on my coffee. 

She said I could share the receipts with friends, too. They are lenient. 

Here is an old press release about from Fox News:,2933,397624,00.html

ps. Make sure you sign up for their rewards program. You get a free drink of your choice on your birthday! 

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