Friday, July 29, 2011

WonderWild Review: Part 2

More pros:
You can see into most of the play structure because the walls are made out of netting.

The nursing area is open to the rest of the Women's Restroom

The give away free passes can only be used once and for one child in a family.

Price Break:
Buy 10 passes for $85. They never expire.
Buy a membership: This is only a good deal if you have multiple children or if you really plan on going a lot. It says it is good for up to 4 kids in the immediate family.

The monthly price at WonderWild is about the same as a year membership to The Woodlands Childrens Museum. I guess that is the difference between a for-profit vs. a non-profit. The non-profit gets donations to supplement their overhead costs.

Speaking of the Children's museum, I wonder why they don't have a nursing area. I also think all these kids places should have unisex bathrooms.

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