Thursday, July 28, 2011

WonderWild Pass GiveAway - 3 ways to Enter

So, we went to check out the new indoor playground in the Grogan's Mill Shopping Center today. We had a blast. My little one kept smiling. I know we will be back. 

To help celebrate their new location, Wonder Wild was kind  enough to share 6 passes for free admission with my readers. 
They can be used any time between now and 9/1/2011. 

OPEN PLAY: M-F 10am-6pm (general public), NEW SUMMER HOURS starting 5/30-8/19 M--F 9am-7pm, $10 for walkers, $8 for pre-walkers + sales tax. We allow outside food and drinks in our party rooms during open play. We are open every weekday (not the weekends) for drop-in open play. Weekends are reserved for birthday parties! Socks are required for all children playing at Wonderwild at all times.

1. Leave a comment to this post on my blog saying that you are signed up to get daily updates via email or RSS Feeder. 
2. Leave a comment to this post describing/naming your favorite post that you have read on Deal Finder E. Hint: Go to my home and look through my archives. Some of my favorite posts are the $5 lunches around town and Indoor Playground Map ( I guess I better update that now that we have a new one.)
3. Leave a comment to this post sharing a deal that you have found or a tip about how to find deals. No limit to the number of entries of this type. The more you enter, the better your chances are to win. 

You can enter one way or all 3. Winners will be randomly chosen one week from today on Friday, August 5. I will then mail the 6 winners their free pass asap. Be sure to leave your hidden email address on your posts so I can contact you if you win. 

If y'all like these sort of giveaways, I will try to do more of 'em. So, tell me that in a comment, too! 

Review of WonderWild From
First, the positives:
It is brand new so it feels nice and clean. All the equipment is clean. 
There is something for all ages. 
There is one giant inflatable obstacle course with a slide. 2 people can race to go through it. 
They have a multi-level play structure connected to slides. I like how their are bridges and varied ways to go. 
They have lots of soft things to climb on. 
There is an area with a pretend kitchen, wooden puzzles, ball pit, and manipulatives to play with. 
This is a great sensory stimulating environment.
I like how it isn't connected to a restaurant 
I like the location. It is super close to me. 

More Positives: 
The staff was friendly, and we had complete freedom to do what we wanted in the play area. 
Nursing Chair and Changing Station in Women's bathroom.
Music: I liked the music it was fun and energetic. 

Things we have seen before. 
You can climb the stairs to go up the climbing structure or you can go up a couple of multi-level towers similar to what we see at the Chick Fil A on Lake Woodlands. (These are definitely cleaner!)
Soft Mats that turn into an obstacle course. Some of them were new to me, but most of them I had seen before at The Woodlands Rec Center for the Preschool meet and greet. (Cost: $1 only once a week, though).
Ball Pit. Actually, the last ball pit I saw was at My Gym, but now they are closed. 
Giant inflatable (a different one, but down the street is Pump It Up and I am still really impressed with Bouncin' Bears when it comes to a place to go for inflatables. 
Melissa and Doug Puzzles. Love them! 
Play Kitchen. Reminds me of when we go to Lakeshore Learning to do crafts. 
3 lane slide. Reminds me of the slides at carnivals, just safer. 

Things I haven't seen before. 
Some of their soft climbing things like the mat that looks like swiss cheese and the ride ons. 
Some of their bridges. 
The two sit and spins attached to poles. 
Some of the obstacles up in the play structure. 

Shoe cubbies not obvious until pointed out. 
Men's bathroom hiding a bit. 
Standard get wet water fountain. 
Most of the floor has new carpet, but I wish it was padded or spongy in case someone falls on it. 
Normal Price Tag for Drop in play is $10/kid unless you get a membership. 
The space is a good size, but I hear that he Heights location is much bigger. 

Business ideas:
They could sell snacky food for extra profit. 
They could also sell sensory merchandise similar to the play things there. 

We were there from 4-5 today, 7/28/2011, and it wasn't too busy. I didn't know what to expect after experiencing the week after The Woodlands Children's museum opened. So, try it out and leave a comment with your opinion! 


  1. Hey,
    I am signed up to receive your email and read EVERY one of them! Thanks for the updates.

  2. Vista Print has 140 labels for $3.00, shipping included, but July 29 is the last day to order. I bought them to use as "This belongs to...." for my child to use at school. Read to find out more

  3. One of my favorite posts was the one on "Amazon Mom." I'm so glad to see that you're linked up with Amazon. The next time I shop on Amazon, I'll go through your site.

  4. Every time I go through the drive-thru at Chick Filet, I stick the kids meal book in the side door of my van. These books can be traded in for free kids ice cream cones. The next time you need a treat, just pull out a Chick-Filet book and trade it in for a couple of free ice cream cones!

  5. Chick Fil A has the best customer service. If you don't like your prize, they will trade it for a different prize, too. Even though my little one is 4 I like the 3 and under board books better.

    Also, did you know that Chick Fil A will refresh your drinks for free?

    I also like their table toppers and ketchups.

  6. I am signed up for your blogs and enjoy them. Our family has benifitted from our community in a better way with your help. Thank you! Suzanne

  7. Favorite post? Oh wow, that is difficult. One relatively recent one that stands out is the Bounce into the Weekend from First Choice ER and Bouncin' Bears. We discovered a wonderful place for the whole family to enjoy. That night we even got free Chick-fil-a and t-shirts...our oldest was running out of playu shirts and they were low on the smaller sizes, so I gladly said 3 larger ones were fine....who can beat a great start on play shirts like that? lolSuzanne

  8. Because of your blog, I have discovered other blogs you recommend for deal finding and it is amazing how our family has benefitted from it! TotallyTarget has schooled me in so many ways....I will have to share our toy clearance score from today!!! Suzanne

  9. I've recently discovered the blog "Totally Target". They match up the Target ads every week to the available coupons. They're great for combining Target and manufacturer coupons so you can get some great steals! You can either look at the entire ad or their "cheap finds" which are their favorite deals. I've saved a ton of money at Target since discovered their site! -Heather. (

  10. I don't know if you consider it a deal that was found, but I've become a huge fan of "Swagbucks". You earn "bucks" for doing surveys, tasks, searches, etc. and then you can cash in the bucks for gift cards. My favorite is the $5 Amazon card for 450 points. I joined a few months ago and I've earned 5 of the $5 gift cards every month. All for changing my search engine! If anyone is interested in checking it out, let me know. If you sign up under my referral, we both get bonus points! ;-) -Heather. (

  11. Two of my posts from yesterday didn't show up? If they show up later, I'll try to delete the repeats ... I love your blog, Liz! It is one of my favorites!! -Heather. (

  12. My favorite posts are the ones where you discuss different playgrounds. I've learned about so many fun places to take my kids! -Heather. (

  13. I moderate posts so sometimes there is a delay. Are they up now?

  14. Nope, they still aren't up. Well, I rewrote one saying that I love your blog. The other one I wrote is that my favorite part of your blog are the playground reviews. I've learned about a lot of new areas around The Woodlands that I've never been to before and are now becoming fast family favorites! -Heather. (

  15. Are you familiar with Living Social? It is similar to Groupon, but I find the deals are more local to The Woodlands / Spring area. We've gotten a few nice deals from them! -Heather. (

  16. I follow you through google reader :) Thanks for all the great tips!!


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