Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Deal on NY Deli?

Ok, so my family is big on NY Deli. Really, we are big on food of all sorts. My mom rationalized this deal. 

Kenny and Ziggy's will deliver anything for a $75 deliver fee. (which is what we usually do for big events we want to have catered)

My mom discovered that Zabar's does overnight shipping for $85 from NYC. Sweet! 

Of course, it is cheaper just to go to either place and not have to pay shipping. 

Zabar's Deals: Free shipping when you buy 4lbs of coffee, free shipping on gift baskets, free shipping if you live within 150 miles of NYC, it looks like they are having a 50% off sale and a free tote with $50 purchase. 

Kenny and Ziggy's Deals: Take out is cheaper then sit down. 

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