Thursday, September 16, 2010

20% off Euphoria Nail Salon and Spa: Grand Opening!

Yesterday, I stopped by Euphoria Nail Salon to check it out. I noticed they had opened this week, and I was curious to see what their pricing was. Everything inside looks fresh and new. It is well decorated. The staff was courteous and friendly. I told them I just wanted to see the menu and that I didn't have time for a service. Immediately, they graciously offered for me to sit down at their bar and asked if I would like a drink. While I was going through their menu (a leather bound book!), the manager came over to shmooze with me. For sure, I will be back when I have more time. Since they just opened, they aren't busy yet and they are offering 20% off all of their services and products. Walk ins are welcome. The prices are comparable to the other salons in the area. 20% off makes it a deal. I will post again after I check out their services. 

Directions: They are located right next FINS on 242. Coming from the I45N, exit 242 and go left under the freeway. They are in the last shopping center before Gosling on the left. Look to make a U-turn after Lonestar College. 

Please tell them you learned about the promotion from Elizabeth. 

I hear they are going to be at the Spring Moms and Babes Fest next Friday! 


  1. Found your post. I did stop by them on late Sat and observed. The shop were full of clients and 9 of them have to wait inline. Found out the owner has more than 21 years in this type of business and the manager herself has 17 years involved in this business as well. Overall, I am so pleasure on the customer service that they've provided to me, well served and satisfied. Recommend this service salon to all.

  2. I went last week, and I had a wonderful time. My 45 minute treatment last well over an hour. I felt quite relaxed!


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