Friday, September 10, 2010

Hubble and Hudson: Acme Whitefish Salad $13.99/lb

(I wrote this June 26 and never sent it)

Now, y'all might be saying, E that isn't a deal. Well, it is in context. First, it is difficult to find Whitefish salad at all in The Woodlands, so this is one of the very few places. Second, it is delicious! Third, Whitefish salad normally goes at $19.99/lb at other Houston eateries or they sell smaller containers that make it more than $13.99/lb. The nice thing about Hubble and Hudson is that you can tell them how much want. We got a lb and had it for dinner and we still have some left over with 4 people eating it in a sandwich (with tomatoes).

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