Thursday, September 23, 2010

New Sweet Tomatoes Coupon: Lunch $6.99 and Dinner $7.99 no beverage purchase required

Sweet tomatoes came out with a new coupon today. Lunch is $6.99 and Dinner $7.99. In the fine print, it says that no beverage is required. That is especially nice because drinks are $2.19, and I usually prefer water with a lemon over the sugary or caffeninated choices. Previously, the best coupon offer was B1G1 free, but drinks were required. It comes out to about the same price, but you were required to have a buddy and to split the cost. So, even if this is a drop more for lunch, it is worth the convenience factor. 

This weeks theme is mexico. 

If you would like to get Sweet Tomatoes coupons emailed on a regular basis to your email, sign up on their website for their e-club. 


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