Saturday, January 1, 2011

Borders: 50% OFF ANY ITEM Saturday or Sunday

This year, they are going to put all of their clearance items downstairs instead of in the separate sections. They are constantly pulling things. The good Borders sale is still a few weeks away when all the books in those boxes really drop in price.

I highly suggest printing the 50% off coupon and using it. Before this season of shopping, I never saw 50% off coupons before at Borders. The highest value was 40%. These coupons match with the borders rewards plus membership for an extra 10% off and you can use borders bucks. The hardest part is going in and only buying one thing at a time.

I love Borders. It is great place to find presents for all occasions. The staff is really friendly, too. I hear they have a new manager. It will be interesting to see if he makes any noticeable changes that the customers can see. Tip: Watch the line before you get in it to check out. Sometimes there is no line, and sometimes there is a long line. Tell the checkers to call for back up if it is a long line. Also, you can get free gift wrap year round.

Reminder: If you don't have a borders membership, you can get a free one on the spot at check out.

2-Day Deal: 50% Off the List Price of Any One Item (Borders Rewards Members):
2-Day Deal: Buy 2 Kids & Teens Books, Get 3rd FREE (Borders Rewards Members):

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