Monday, January 3, 2011

Borders Brag

I went to Borders in the Galleria yesterday. It was fun to be in a different borders. They had a lot of kids Bargain books at 75% off. So I found a lot for a $1 -$2 each. I also used my 50% off coupon with my Borders Plus membership card   to get a $30 book that was marked down to $7 for $3.40 including tax. Woohoo!

I helped my sister get a $52 book half price at $26.

I checked for my brother in law and nephews and saved them $36, signed them up for Borders rewards plus, got them a free drink, and they gave me the $10 off $30 coupon. Woohoo!

I love Borders. I can't wait to see what turns up at ours with the 75% off. This is one of the best times of years to stock up on bargain books.

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