Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Borders Update from Suzanne

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From: Suzanne


You may want to go now....My parents and I were there the week before
the closing announcement and a book my mom loved somehow did not make
it in our stack.  I told her I would go back and get it, especially
since the announcement to  close-I wanted to check out their lego
prices.  We were there last Monday....there were almost no legos left
a few of the duplo sets.  The bargain books were nearly wiped out and
there was no way to see if they still had the book my mom wanted as
their system for that had been shut off the previous Friday.  It was
crazy,  All the chairs and couches had been removed, they want you to
buy and leave, not browse and linger! lol

I seem to remember the magazines being wiped out too...a lot gone as
of a week after the announcement. Awesome to hear they are still
accepting rewards for those who have them though.


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