Monday, August 22, 2011

Office Depot: 8/22/2011 Shopping Trip

I went here first since I was driving from Rayford/Sawdust. 

I found the 12 packs of eraser tops for $0.01 limit 3 pretty easily by heading the left. The sign that they were $0.01 was falling over. 

I found notebooks that looked like the picture in the ad that were one subject. When I went to check out the checker pointed out that the notebooks in the ad were the 70 page ones not the 100 page ones that I found. He then said they were sold out of the promo. He then had the idea of asking the manager if it was ok to give me the 100 ct for $0.01 and the manager OKed it. Woohoo! I just smiled and was friendly. Total Shopping Trip: $0.06. 

We can always use notebooks! 

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