Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Walgreens Trip Report: 8/2/2011

Walgreens on Sawdust Rd.

I found that the Crayola Washables RR promo is for both the fat and
thin markers, so I got both in separate transactions. I went to
Walgreens for the Complete Contact solution $8 RR promo. I didn't see
any one the shelf so I asked a friendly employee and she got one for
me from a hidden stock pile. They were out the kids dha promo. They
said they would order more for the Friday delivery truck. I also found
3 $1 School Zone work books that look pretty awesome in the school
supply aisle. They had a lot more and a few more choices. I thought it
was worth $1 for books on mazes, dot to dot, hidden pictures. School
zone is one of my favorite work book brands. This is the first time I
have found books so cheap.

They had summer clearance down to 50% off, but I didn't see anything I
couldn't resist. Maybe when the discount goes lower. CVS was only at
20% off.

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