Tuesday, January 26, 2010

HEB Deals

I went to HEB today and found some of the following deals:

Buy 4 Coca Cola 2 Liter sodas (at $1.25 each), get 1 Free (Yellow HEB In Ad coupon hanging from the shelf). I got 7 diet cokes and 3 sprites.

Buy 2 Michelangelo's single serving ($2.79), get HEB Premium Ice Cream (32 oz) Free (Yellow HEB In Ad coupon hanging from the shelf). This combined with my B1G1 free manufacturer's coupon that I got for watching the video on their website a couple of weeks ago.

$2 off Numi Tea at $5.29. Wow! I love Numi Tea. I have NEVER seen it for $3.29 before. It is cheap at $5.29 at HEB. I occasionally see $1 manufacturer's coupons stuck on the box. (Yellow HEB In Ad coupon hanging from the shelf) There were only a few choices and only a few boxes left. I got the Earl Grey, which we love, and the Rooibos, which we haven't tried yet. I just picked up the Jasmine Green (our favorite!) a couple weeks ago.

Fresh Express Lettuce: Buy 2 get 6 pack of Ozarka water (Yellow HEB In Ad coupon hanging from the shelf). The salad prices were $2.99 or $2.79. We needed to get salad anyways. The 2 bags I got expire Feb 1 and Feb 3.

Dan Active 4 pack Vanilla Light $1.88 combined with $1 manufacturer's coupon only $0.88.

The waffles we eat were still out. :( Eggo, what is going on?

I picked up the Orange Plate special for lunch from the Cafe on The Run. I got the salmon, asparagus, and cous cous for $5.99 (no coupon necessary). Somehow without crunching numbers I feel like that is a deal. It is also one of the healthiest lunches I know of. Also, I want to say that the people who work there are always so nice and helpful! Yay, cafe on the run.

Avocados: Small Hass 2 for $1. (Buy me price)

Cantaloupe: $1. (Buy me price)

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