Friday, January 22, 2010

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  • Sign up for newsletters for your local mall and retailers that you frequent. There usually are coupons in their emails. They often give you a sign on bonus coupon, too.
  • Check out deal forums and cashback sites before you make online purchases.
  • The library is amazing. They have books, cds, and dvds. Plus, free classes.
  • Check out local kid friendly businesses for free storytimes and crafts.
  • Go to playgrounds! They are free and fun! 
  • Have fun!

Happy Deal Finding!

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Life as MOM: on the road to Joyful Motherhood

Frugal Friday: Be Willing to Be Weird

Posted: 21 Jan 2010 08:27 PM PST

Last weekend, I went to a grocery store in a rather upscale neighborhood where I don't normally shop. It was on our route and so it was convenient. I was getting three items, two of which were going to be free with coupons. When I handed the two coupons to the checker, she was dumbfounded. She looked at them in a very confused way. In fact, it took her an extra couple minutes to ring up the order. As I walked away, I realized that the ritzy clientele of that store probably don't dabble too much in couponing. Coupons, a major part of my frugal lifestyle gave her pause. Ha!

Whether it's refusing to use a credit card, drinking just water when at a restaurant, or fumbling through a myriad of envelopes to pay cash at the checkout, certain aspects of my life do cause people to go, "Hmmm…" That is one of the things with living a frugal lifestyle. It's a little unusual, a little different, a little weird.

If that's what it takes to live in the black, then I'm okay with weird.

But, it used to be shameful to me. Swiping a credit card made me feel like I had status. Handing over my stack of coupons doesn't exactly feel the same way. But, living within our means far exceeds any shopping spree high.

There's safety in numbers! So, let's be weird together.

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