Tuesday, January 12, 2010

My day: IHOP and KFC

I went and ate at IHOP this morning with a 20% off entire purchase coupon that I got from Sunday's paper. It applied to my $5.95 all you can eat pancakes with eggs and hashbrowns! Yum! I did get a drink for $1.99 (-0.40 for discount) because I wanted caffeine and I enjoy the diet dr pepper with free refills, so the coupon made it so my drink was almost free! 

For lunch, I did drive thru KFC for Ben. They changed the laptop meal for kids. Still $3.59 but only 1 side. :( boo! So I got the $1.99 popcorn chicken and french fries combo + 1 individual side of a corn on the cob for $1.59 since he loves corn. Total was $3.80. 

Let me repeat: Kids Laptop meal is popcorn chicken (or 2 chicken strips or 1 drumstick) plus 1 side (like French Fries) plus a small drink (or juice box) for $3.59. No prize just a cute box with games to do. It was a deal when it came with 2 sides. Ben drinks water with lunch and I carry bottles of water around in the car so we don't need a drink. 

I went to Walgreens today since they had so many of the b1g1 frees for cleaning products. When I was done shopping, I spent a total of $20 and got about $80 worth of stuff. I did notice that a lot of the products that were b1g1 were raised to double the price at HEB. So, I only bought things I needed that I had coupons with that made it worthwhile. I did a lot of resisting from buying things I didn't need even if the price was great! 

I learned yesterday that HEB offers free field trips for groups! 

I went to the HEB in Sterling Ridge. I really like it! I was impressed. HEB seems to be the cheapest grocery store around. I like how they have coupons up around the store, too! 

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