Saturday, March 5, 2011

Fwd: [Deal Finder E] New comment on Money Saving Tip: Don't go shopping.

I had to share this comment with the group! It made me smile that someone is actually picking up on my new style of dry humor. Let me know if it works for y'all or if my jokes are dropping like lead balloons.

Do y'all think I have the makings of a stand up comedian? I have always admired them for their courage, now I think it is just a matter of what working on my delivery and I will have enough courage to do it myself.

I am finally  mastering my fear of rejection. (by accepting myself as is)

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RadioShack Coupon has left a new comment on your post "Money Saving Tip: Don't go shopping":

I like the first and fourth point that are always try to buy essentials things and use online coupons to save money.All ten points are useful for us but some points are quite funny such as Don't leave the house if you want to save your money.

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