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I love Baby Center. I signed up before my little one was born to get the weekly update about his growth, and I still get them! I always enjoy reading them. Here is my latest update! Free Sign up: Just click through!

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Subject: Your 2-Year-Old: Let's Pretend

BabyCenter Your child is 2 years old.   Wrong age?
Hello, Elizabeth!

Let's Pretend
You may notice playtime becoming increasingly elaborate and using more props. Beginning this year, your child is entering the rich world of pretend play (next year he'll become even more engaged in it). When you're invited into these games, follow your child's lead rather than directing the action yourself. His imagination is starting to work overtime, and telling you to be "the baby" or "a puppy" is his way of calling the shots for a few heady minutes.

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Declaring Independence
Your little one insists on doing things her way these days, and she'll likely grow more self-reliant in the coming months as she carves out her own identity.
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Fun Facts • for your child
The biggest strawberry anyone has ever
seen was as big as an apple.
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Parent Tip
Sometimes I still sneak in and watch my son nap. I can't help but get sentimental about how big he's gotten. He falls asleep in the cutest positions, so I take lots of pictures. I find that these are often my favorite shots of him.

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Have a great week!
Linda Murray
Linda Murray
Editor in Chief and a BabyCenter mom


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