Sunday, February 14, 2010

Free Cute Dog Leash

Copied and Pasted from My Frugal Adventures

Free Dog Leash and 20 Free Prints!

leashThis is a really fun freebie for pet owners or for a gift from Snapfish.  Right now if you head over HERE and register for a new account you can get a pet leash totally free!

I just tested this offer and it worked perfectly for me- here is what I did.

1. Created a new account HERE.

2. I typed in leash on the search bar in the top left corner.

3. I uploaded a picture and created the leash.

4. You need to fill out your shipping information and either type in a credit card number or go to your paypal account.

5. Enter code: PRESDAY under coupon codes.  That will give you free shipping.

6. My grand total was 0.  You can also get 20 free prints but I am not sure if there is free shipping on those as well.

snapfish leashThese are normally $20 so this is a GREAT offer!  Be sure to order yours while it lasts!

NOTE:  In the past some people have had problems when they have used paypal.  Be sure you check your final total carefully before confirming just to be sure it is indeed 0 if you decide to use your paypal account.

Thanks My Frugal Adventures for this deal!

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