Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Betty Crocker Coupons: Chocolate Cheerios!

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Betty Crocker
Dinners for Two Little Splurges Party Recipes
Fudgy Turtle Tart
Fudgy Turtle Tart
4.5 Spoons
• Dig-in decadence
• Gooey caramel surprise filling
• Deep, dark chocolate
Save 40 cents
Fudgy Turtle Tart
All new! Lovely desserts
Indulge in three irresistibles made with white or dark chocolate.
Decadent Cherry Mousse Brownies
Decadent Cherry Mousse Brownies Save 75 cents
White Silk Raspberry Tart Valentine Parfait Cupcakes
White Silk Raspberry Tart Valentine Parfait
More chocolate desserts
All new! Sweet Nibbles
Create little bites just right for dessert trays or sharing
with loved ones.
Heart Sandwich Cookies Chocolate Dipped Strawberries
Heart Sandwich Cookies Chocolate-Dipped
Chocolate Ganache Mini Cakes Cherry Mini Cakes
Chocolate Ganache
Cherry Mini Cakes
More bite sized sweets
Back by popular demand
Highly rated, reviewed
and raved-about recipes!
Indulgent Brownie Torte
Indulgent Brownie
4.5 Spoons

Triple Fudge Cake
Ultimate Chocolate Chip

Anything Cake

Peanut Butter Truffle Brownies
Top desserts
Betty Crocker Betty's getting a makeover!
We're making bettycrocker.com better for you!
More recipes, more helpful tips and how tos, and easier ways to get it all!
Get a sneak peek now
Be the first to try something NEW!
Fruit Roll Ups NEW Fruit Roll Ups Scoops Snacks Nature Valley NEW Crunch Oats and Dark Chocolate Bars
With 3 fruity ice cream flavors
per roll!
The perfect blend of dark chocolate, oats and honey – and 100% natural!
Get a 50 cent coupon Get a 40 cent coupon
NEW Chocolate Cheerios Cereal NEW Chocolate Cheerios Cereal
Enjoy a touch of delicious chocolate taste in every bite. Made with real cocoa, 100 calories per serving. Chocolate Cheerios Marshmallow Hearts
Save 55 cents
Save over $20
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