Friday, February 12, 2010

My Day!

Hello Readers!
I just wanted to post about what I did today.

Subway is having that B1G1 promotion today and tomorrow in Panther Creek. I saw tons of balloons at the entrance. The staff was really nice about the promotion. It is either a foot long or 6 in. So, it is cheaper to get the 2 footlongs for $5 instead of the 4 6in for $7 ($3.50 x 2) plus tax. I learned about this buy getting the latter. We all wanted different things so we had to do it that way. I know where I am eating lunch tomorrow!

I really wanted to go to Walgreens today to get the pull ups for cheap. Oh well. We still have plenty. I have wishful thinking that he'll be potty trained soon and we wont need them. :)

I have a $5 off gift card to Toysrus to use up, and there is a flyer (online, too) with $5 off a $25 off baby purchase this weekend. I am going to see if I can combine, the two to get the baby wipes we use and some more diaper cream.

I have also learned that dealerships will often match or beat car service offers from other auto repair stores.

I did the free 8 X 10 from Walgreens today. I decided to pay the $0.13 for the shipping to my house. Somehow the tax charge disappeared. I paid through paypal so it was just a couple of clicks to do the whole order. I had a pic already uploaded that a friend sent that I wanted for a while, so it really took no time.

I received an email today from the mall offering a $10 gift card if I print out the email and bring it to their guest services. Definitely sign up for The Woodlands Mall club if you haven't already.

I signed up my mom for Godiva Rewards. You get a free gift every month that you make a $10 purchase. Yum!

I wanted to go to the Science museum tomorrow for the love bugs. If you go, tell me how it is since it looks like I am going to a party instead.

Seems like the online blogging community is finding more and more deals, so sign up for lots of blogs!


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