Wednesday, July 7, 2010

20% off at Lakeshore Learning July 5 - Sept 5.

Lakeshore learning is having a 20% off back to school sale. Spend $20, and you get a free teacher's plan book with coupon. Be sure to bring the B1G1/2 off coupon in case there is anything not sale that you want.  There are tons of things that are 20% off (including those musical instruments I keep staring at). Their sales are seasonal (which means that they only come once in awhile like back to school, before the winter holidays, etc.. ) So, if you need anything now is the time. Be sure to get a teacher's card for free!

Check out their website for free printables, too. Just click free resources at the top of the page.
19075 Interstate 45, Shenandoah -
(936) 271-3585

Overall, everything I have gotten from Lakeshore, I have been happy with. You are paying the premium for quality and convenience. Just price check around for things you can find other places, especially their puzzles and books.

I remember buying a dozen scarves for $16.99 (full price) and being happy because I had only seen them one other place for more. There are definitely things at Lakeshore that I haven't seen in other spots, so we are lucky to have them! I also like how they have free crafts on Saturdays  and the staff is always willing to help you with ideas. One of my secrets is to go there on a weekday when they are empty to browse. They usually have crafts around the store all week long and play stations set up. My little one plays while I look around in one area. When I am done in that section, I move him to the next. We both have fun.

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