Monday, July 19, 2010

Lane Bryant Trip: July 17, 2010

Hey guys,
I went to Lane Bryant on Saturday. They are having something called a box sale. The boxes in front are priced at $9.99 and $14.99. The clothes that have an X on the tag are the ones that are priced $9.99. The sale continues in the back. Not all the things in the clearance section are $14.99, so watch closely and check your prices with sales people. The best things on clearance are all the jackets and dress jackets that they have.

I purchased 6 things for a total of $56. 5 were priced at $14.99 and one was priced at $11.99 because I needed something to bring me over the $75 mark in order to use the $25 off $75 coupon. I also had a $10 gift cert because I have their credit card and I have spend enough to qualify for the $10 reward. The original retail value of the 4 jackets and 1 skirt ranged from $69 - $139. The $11.99 shirt was originally $19.50. The 6 items I got average to under $10/item, which is more than 92% off! Woohoo!

Overall, I wasn't excited about the boxes in the front because the clothes were all jumbled up and no longer separated by sizes, so I went to the back really quickly. Also, most of the clothes I saw in the boxes were the same things they had on clearance for the last couple of months so it wasn't new to me.

They also were having a $14.99 bra sale.

I am on their email list, but never heard of the box sale, so this supports my plan to go every couple of months to check out what they have.

Remember my post that talked about Lane Bryant strategy. Read it here for a refresher. Happy shopping!

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