Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Lane Bryant: How to shop for Maximum Savings

So, for the last few years I have been shopping at Lane Bryant, and I have definitely figured out their system.

Here is what you do for maximum savings:

What till they start giving Real Women Dollars (RWD) ($25 for every $50 you spend). They next promo for RWD starts April 23rd.
Spend over $75, use your coupon for $25 off a $75 purchase. Try to spend as close to $75 as you can in order for your total to be just over $50 after the coupon. You then get $25 RWD for your next purchase of $50 or more. It comes out that you spend a total of a little over $75 for $125 worth of merchandise by doing these 2 promos combined.

The real money saver is when you shop what is on sale or from the clearance racks. Their clearance rack promotions change all the time. I like the Gold Dot clearance when it is 40% off the already marked down price.

Next, I highly suggest getting a Lane Bryant Credit Card. You get an extra discount when you apply for the card. They then send you a $20 off a $20 purchase coupon. After a certain amount of spending, you get more $20 off $20 coupons. I have received some $15/$15 coupons without doing much. My newest coupon is B1G1 bra that can be combined with the above promotions!

All these different promotions are supposed to get you in the door regularly and develop brand loyalty. Have fun with it!

My personal philosophy for clothes shopping is that I prefer buying a little bit at a time continuously so that I always have fresh things in my wardrobe. I tend to get favorite outfits that I keep wearing over and over and they do get washed out or worn out so I "need" to go shopping to get new things. I also try to buy classic things and solid colors. In Texas, short sleeve shirts and jeans will last you most of the year. I just add layers when it cools down. I like capri pants for the spring and summer. I love wearing skirts and dresses year round. If only, there were more skirts and dresses sold in women's stores.

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