Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Attention Kroger Shoppers: Buy 10 items, get Free Movie Ticket

Straight from the Kroger Website!

Get Your Free Digital Choice Reward  

Digital Choice

You can get free music, movies or ringtones when you shop with us! It's easy…Just follow these simple steps:

1. Buy any 10 participating items. Download Shopping List
2. Use your Shopper's Card when you check out
3. Receive a coupon at checkout that contains your redemption code(s)
4. Go to
5. Enter your code and redeem your reward instantly online

You can choose from three great rewards:

15 Free Music Downloads           One Free Movie Ticket           15 Free Ringtones

Get a new redemption code every time you purchase any 10 participating items! 

Digital Choice 

Considering Movie Tickets are often over $8 and music is about $1/song, this is a deal! Just remember to only buy things you were going to buy anyway. You aren't saving money if you are spending it on products you wont use. (Thanks, Mom!)

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