Thursday, April 1, 2010

My Trip to Walgreens Today: 4/1/10

I spent an hour in Walgreens today. I still feel uncertain and disorganized doing deals there. The person checking me out was very nice and helped me out. I ended up doing 5 transactions and spending less than $18. I started off by using a $5 reward from the Huggies deal I did a couple of weeks ago, and breaking a $20 bill, which I left on the counter and pulled from as I did the trasactions.

Here is what I walked out with:
5 Puffs (at $0.99 with walgreens instant coupon)
2 Walgreens Multivitamins for Women (free: cost $3 then $3 RR)
Dove Shampoo (free: cost $4 then $4 RR) Plus $1.50 overage from manu coupon.
Dove Conditioner (free: cost $4 then $4 RR)
Dove Intensive Condition Treatment (free: cost $4 then $4 RR)
Huggies Lil Swimmer's Retail Cost: $6.99 - $1 Coupon (I left my $3 coupon in the car)
3 6-packs of cute Bubbles for Ben's Bday Total: $3.98 (Buy 2 at $1.99 get 1 free)
1 Sugar Free Halls ($0.99 wags instant coupon - $1 manu coupon)
1 14 ct Mucinex DM Maximum strength Cost: $8 ($10 then $2 RR)

I wish I had Mucinex and Puffs coupons and More Dove coupons. Even with out them, the prices were great!

Overall, everything I got today was on sale or free! I wanted to get a simply saline to try out but they were out at the Rayford/Sawdust rd location.

I also picked up the 20 free pics I developed last week.

FYI: I went to CVS yesterday and picked up 2 packs of pullups at $8.99 apiece - 2 $3 manu coupons. I got $5 in CVS bucks. Now, I will go back sometime soon to use it.

Sorry, I didn't go blow by blow for you about the transactions. I left the receipts in the car. I almost took a pic for y'all! Soon.

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