Tuesday, April 27, 2010

My Randall's Shop: 4/26/10

So, my last shop of the night was at Randalls in Grogan's Mill. I did a quick run in to pick up the cream cheese. I picked up their ad and saw that Fresh Express Salads were $0.99/bag. I stopped by and found $1 off coupons that expire 4/30/10. The Fresh Express Spinach was also marked at $0.99/bag. There were $0.55 coupons right in front of those bags. I picked up 3 of each. It took me awhile to find the cream cheese. It was on the other side of the frozen section near the soda. I picked up 5 Philadelphia cream cheese products. They were on sale for $1.49 down from $2.49, then buy 5 and get $5 off. I had a get 1 minis free coupon from vocal point, 1 $1 off from vocal point and 1 $0.55 coupon from the newspaper. The checker was really nice and gave me the free one at $2.49 off, so I got all the above for free and had $0.75 overage. I ran and got a 2 L bottle of Diet coke for $1.66 to absorb it. (We always need Diet Coke in our house and rationalized the price.) If I had more time, then I probably could have found better ways to spend the overage. Still, I came home proud! All of my shopping tonight was easy and the checkers were friendly.

I picked up my free pretzel by telling a joke at Pretzel Maker. I picked up the wipes at Toysrus and I resisted buying anything else. At Borders, I found some great deals. I also ran to HEB and Walgreens. I think I am mostly done with my shopping for the week. I might run into CVS tomorrow to see if they have any $0.49 hallmark cards. I will post separately about my finds at HEB and Walgreens.

The Randalls sale ends Tuesday at Midnight!

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