Thursday, April 22, 2010

Pick Your Own Strawberries: $2/lb next to The Woodlands

We discovered another local strawberry field called Rudy's Orchard. It is on a side street off of Rayford/Sawdust Rd (past sawmill rd). Look at the website for the map and times.Strawberries were $2/lb and yummy. They said that they expect another couple weeks of good strawberry picking. Everything was easy about it. It was easy to find the place, park, walk, get a basket, check out, etc. We also picked up some on the vine small tomatoes for $1/lb. When we went today at 1pm there was almost no one their and tons of strawberries. I developed a strawberry strategy for find the best ones.

Deal Finder E's Strawberry Picking tips:
Quality is more important than quantity.
You want the really red ones.
Do a taste test.
Inspect each strawberry that you want to pick for blemshes.
Bend and pinch off the stem instead of pulling it.
Get down at eye level by either sitting or laying down between the rows in order to look beneath the leaves.
Go to the opposite side away from the entrance to find the least picked over strawberries. Most people start near the entrance, so you want to do the opposite.
Think about how many strawberries you really need.
Be careful not to smush them on your way home in the bag.
When you get home wash off the sand. Dry them well.
If they are super ripe, I suggest cutting off the stems and freezing them for smoothies.

Happy strawberry picking.

ps. HEB strawberry prices this week are $2.50/lb so picking your own is a deal. Really, it is a fun experience. April is a lovely time to be outdoors.

I am happy I found a place near my house to pick fruit and veggies. This place would be a good place for a field trip.

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