Sunday, April 18, 2010

Home Depot: B1G1 potted Herbs are a great Earth Day idea

All week long you can get potted herbs at Home Depot for b1g1 free. Woohoo! These make great presents. Here in Texas, now is the time to buy them. They will last all summer long. Just think how much you will save from not buying clipped herbs in the supermarket, and they will be fresher! Planting herbs is a wonderful way to celebrate earth day, and to keep your kids busy with something productive to do in the garden. FYI, you don't have to plant them in the ground. You could make an indoor windowsill garden or put them out by your back door for easy grabbing.

The Woodlands Home Depot is well stocked right now. My parents stocked up on herbs yesterday (before the sale). They both laughed when they saw the ad today!

Most herbs do well in a bright sunny spot.
Water them enough for their soil to stay damp.
Pinch off the basil flowers as they pop up to make a bushier plant instead of a leggy one.
Mint will spread like a weed.
Rosemary can grow into a very large bush!
Basil might pop up in nearby planters randomly.
If you are just starting out, I suggest grabbing a Basil, Oregano, Rosemary, and a chive plant. Those 4 herb plants will cover most of your fresh herb needs.
Get what else looks good.
I can usually tell my little one is getting hungry when he starts to nibble on the herb plants outside. :)

Enjoy your gardening!

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