Sunday, April 18, 2010

Michael's: 20% off entire purchase this week + 40% one item

Apparently, you can combine the 2 coupons. The person checking me out gave me the extra 40% off coupon to add to my purchase. I got the 20% in my email for being on their mailing list. The 20% off entire purchase last all week. Watch your register receipt. I bought 18 of the same item and it only gave me 20% off of one instead of all of them. I didn't realize till I was gone. I decided it wasn't worth going back to argue about the $3.40 since I got an extra $3 off from the 40% off one item deal. It took a lot of will power for me to accept it wasn't worth the time and energy to argue about $3. If I was in the store still, I would have.

Be warned to about the $1 aisle. Not everything in that aisle is $1. Some are $2, $3, and even $5. Price check as you go through it. I still found some good deals.

The $1 workbooks came out to $0.80 each!
I found stickers near the door for $0.25/100! Different Disney and Nick characters!

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