Friday, April 30, 2010

Doggie Freebies at New Dog Park at Tamarac Park in Grogan's Mill: Sunday, May 2, from 2p - 4p

Copied and Pasted from GMVA Newsletter with permission:

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Grand Opening of the Grogan's Mill Dog Park 
The "Grand Opening" of the Grogan's Mill Dog Park will be on Sunday, May 2, from 2p - 4p. Put the date on your calendar and make plans to be there.

It's a great place to let your dog run and play with others, and it's a great place for you to make friends with people who have a common interest.  Come on out and try it.  

The dog park is located in Tamarac Park on North Millbend.  The entrance is between the Northwoods Unitarian and First Church of Christian Scientists.

The Park was sponsored by the GMVA, funded by the Woodlands Community Association and the opening will be sponsored by Barker Street Dog Biscuits, Best Friends Veterinary Hospital, Best Friends Pet Resort & Salon and will be supported by the Woodlands Dog Park Association and our very helpful Parks and Recreation Department. 

There will be treats for all participants (two-legged and four-legged) and raffles for prizes for those two creatures.  
Raffles will include:
  • One plush bone (large), one plush football and baseball, one large throw stick, one bag of Science Diet treats, and a tooth brush.
  • One gift certificate for a *Pampered Pooch Package valued between 110 and 170 dollars. (depends on size of pet) *This package includes...two nights of boarding in a two room suite with premium food, orthopedic bedding and daily room service.
  • One free playtime daily, followed by a suite treat or ice cream & bottled water and a bedtime story or cuddle time.
  • One gift certificate for a free Microchip valued at $49.00 (must be done at Best Friends) and a gift certificate for $50.00 dollars off of their visit to Best  Friends   Veterinary Hospital.

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