Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Free Chick Fil-A Breakfast at New Sawdust Loc. May 3- May 8

Wow! My sister found this amazing deal! I am forwarding it in it's entirety. I am so excited about Free Food! I love no coupon promotions.


Subject: Chick-fil-A Sawdust opening date

To whom it may concern, (which means EVERYBODY!!!)

       Chick-fil-A here, just wanted to say hello, and let you know we are in the neighborhood!!! We are opening this Thursday April 29, at 6am!!! So come on by and let the chicken, bacon, and 100% Columbian coffee wake you up before you head to work. Speaking of breakfast, we want to buy you breakfast all next week (yes, you read that right EVERY day next week is a different item we want to buy for you:

       Monday (May 3, 2010) try our signature Chick-fil-A Chicken Biscuit
      Tuesday (May 4, 2010) how about a delicious Sausage Biscuit
       Wednesday (May 5, 2010) need some finger food? Have a 3 count Chick-n-minis
       Thursday (May 6, 2010) did you like that Chick-fil-A Chicken Biscuit? Have another one on us
       Friday (May 7, 2010) TGIF or as we say TWGSB (that was a great Sausage Biscuit
       Saturday (May 8, 2010) Don't sleep in too late, how about a 3 count Chick-n-minis for the family?

               For your free breakfast be here at the store between 6am and 10:30am. Bring a friend, tell two friends or as many as you want! (One free breakfast entrĂ©e per guest - must be present to redeem - no coupon required).

And yes, the Cows did say you may pass this email on to as many friends as you'd like.

720 Sawdust Road
Spring, Texas 77380
(281) 363 - 1400

Open 6am - Close 10pm

Breakfast is served 6am - 10:30am

Closed on Sundays

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