Sunday, April 18, 2010

HEB Tips and my HEB shop today 4/18/10

So, as I was walking out from shop today, I asked the bag boy if there were any HEB insider tips he could share. He told me that if you ever find a product that has expired, bring it to the check out with an additional non-expired product and they will give the non-expired product to you for FREE!

Since I found that great Aleve deal, I have been keeping an eye on the HEB clearance. Today, I found some Osem brand products for super cheap. Since I never find those in The Woodlands, I was excited and cleared them out of the Bamba at $0.75/pack! I only got one of their Sugar Free Lemon Drops because it was $1.43. I love when I find a package entirely in Hebrew in Texas.

I picked up another $2.22 Aleve since I found my $1 off coupon! It scanned! Total Cost: $1.22 for 100 Ct Aleve
I also picked up three beautiful Prime Rib Eye Steaks for under $20. They were priced at $6.97/lb. That is even cheaper than the sirloin this week! I picked up an extra three for the freezer.
I picked up more sugar free murray's cookies to get the $1 off milk manufacturer's coupon again.
If you buy pet food, look for attached manufacturer's coupons. I found some attached to both the wet and dry cat food I picked up.

Watch out for the Coca Cola products. The Diet Coke was $1.59/2 L bottle. 

I saw strawberries were still $1.50/lb container. They were looking pretty picked over today.

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