Thursday, April 29, 2010

My Mail Today!

I love getting good freebies in the mail. Today, I got a full size bag of the New Cheddar Cheese Popcorn to try, and a coupon for my choice of drink at Starbucks because my birthday is in May. I can't wait for all the other birthday freebies on the way. If you haven't already. Google Birthday freebies and you can find lists and lists of things you can get free on your birthday. I suggest signing up a couple months ahead of time if you can. I still have to go get my free bag of coffee this week at Starbucks for my filling up the sticker sheet for going once a week to get a $1.50 cup of coffee. This is my last week. I was too tired to go today (the irony, hehe). I missed the grand opening today at Chick Fil A. Who went? How was it? Tell me the details so I can live vicariously.

I suggest signing up for Vocal Point for coupons for freebies in the store to try new products.

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