Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Lunch today at Johnny Rockets

It's true that you don't need a coupon for Kids Eat Free Tuesday, but somehow they stopped the unlimited fry promotion without telling me.

I had the Original Hamburger sandwich for $6.99 + Onion Rings $0.50 + Diet Coke $1.99 + Cherry Flavor $0.29 + Free kids meal + Refill of French Fries for $2.50.

So, overall not such a great deal. Service was slow, even though they weren't busy. No dance performance while we were there for over an hour. I wasn't excited about the food. It was all ok. I enjoy Fuddrucker's more for the same price range.

We did get a balloon on our way out.

They put in 2 new flat screen tvs and were playing cartoons. They also have coloring sheets and a box of crayons. So, the restaurant is kid friendly. Parking was busy in the area so we parked in the back for a short walk.

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