Sunday, July 25, 2010

Borders: My trip tonight July 25, 2010

I went to Borders tonight because of all the great promotions going on.

We filled out our summer reading form and picked out "Hoot," which has a retail value $6.99, for free.
We found 10 books for $1 (mostly paperback readers. There was only 1 board book that I got really excited about because it was a counting book about colorful butterflies). (The teacher's discount doesn't apply to the $1 kids books).
and 4 books for $3.99 that I used my teacher's discount card on so they became $2.99.
I purchased the $50 gift card, and received a $10 gift card. It says the $10 GC is only valid for certain dates in August. I used the $50 GC on today's transaction. I have $25 left on it, which I am sure I will use. That GC never expires.
I had the 40% off coupon with me, but nothing caught my attention. (I almost got a melissa and doug puzzle that we don't have, but then I said we have too much stuff and resisted). The guy tried to ring it up in one transaction instead of two because he thought I could use all the discounts together. The 40% off didn't go through because of the free book. I calculated the difference saved would have been $0.60 so I passed on doing another transaction because I had my little one with me and we had already been standing in line for a bit.

I saw they had bargain bins in the front at B1G1 free. I didn't really go through them. Also, most of their bargain kid books were the same from a couple months ago.

I heart Borders!

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