Thursday, July 22, 2010

Mother Goose Time at South Branch Library

We were regulars from when my little one was 4 months old until he was almost 2 (and yes it is technically for 0-18 months olds! I had a group of friends and none of us graduated till the end of the spring semester). We loved it. It was the first activity that we really started to do together. The first 25 minutes is structured time. Everyone sits around in a big circle, and Miss Marianne leads the group in Nursery Rhymes and Finger plays. Every day there were some sensory activity. It was usually scarves or egg shakers. Plus, she often had stuffed animals to show during the songs about animals. At the end of the first part of class, Miss Marianne would bring out a big basked filled with toys and books for the kids to explore while the moms sit back and socialize. I made friends with the other regulars. After Mother Goose time, we would push our strollers to Market Street for lunch. Did you know that Berryhill and Johnny Rockets do Kids Eat Free on Tuesdays!

Mother Goose Time became so popular that they split it up into two classes: Crawlers and walkers at 11am on Tuesdays and not yet crawling on Wednesdays at 9:30am. I heard last year that they had to implement a ticket policy because it would get too crowded, which means you had to come early to get a ticket. (that's a good way for everyone to come on time, too, since it is a little distracting for people to go in and out) Mother Goose Time only happens during the school year. During the summer they have other activities going on. Check out the website for the calendar. Also, don't forget about the summer reading program. Go to South Branch and fill out a list of the books you have read to your little one to get an awesome bag of goodies! It is well worth it. I believe the program ends next week, so go asap.

I have also heard that all of the libraries in the area do activities for kids of all ages so check back when school starts for times. At south branch they have an 18month-3 year old class where they read 5 books, sing songs in between the books, and do coloring sheets at the end. They also have the next age groups up, but I haven't been to those yet so I don't know the details.

So in summary, go to your local library and check out what they have to offer.

ps. We also would ride the trolley or go play in the maze next to south branch when they got bigger. The Trolley is still tons of fun!

pps. Shout out to my buddies from Mother Goose Time. I miss you guys!

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