Friday, December 10, 2010

Chanukah on Clearance for 75% off at Target! Woohoo!

I ran in because I heard it was marked to 50% off. It made my day when it wrung up at 75% off at the register. I had to go back and get more wrapping paper. Most of what I chose to get were Jewish themed items that weren't Chanukah specific. I am sure I will use these items year round. They did have a few non-Jewish things marked down, too, such as blue glasses, and blue and silver decorations.

Also, target had a good price on Toilet Paper. Charmin Mega Rolls buy 2 12 packs at $11.99 get a $5 gift card. That was my "reason" for going in. They also had quite a few calendars in the dollar spot.

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