Wednesday, December 1, 2010

McDonalds: Spicy Chicken Extra Value meal

It isn't up on the sign, but the checker told me about it. I like their spicy chicken sandwiches. They are also on the $1 menu. This extra value meal is the cheapest one they have. The spicy chicken extra value meal worked with my Buy an extra value meal, get  a free kids meal coupon that I used on the expiration date yesterday. The people at the I45 -Rayford/sawdust mcds are have always been nice to me. Too bad, a lot of the play equipment has been torn up. They just redid it a few years ago. It still is fun to play, I just wish everything was in working order. I like that they kept the $1 soda promotion going on past the summer. Last year, they stopped in September. FYI: They are giving out Sanio watches as part of the kids meal. I think they are cute.

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