Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Things to Do When the world shuts down due to holidays (inside and out)

If the weather is nice:

1. Go to playgrounds. Most playgrounds are open and empty.
2. Go for a nature walk on the nature trails
3. Ride a bike or do something sporty.
4. play outside with sidewalk chalk and bubbles

If the weather is not nice:
1. Watch all those movies that we DVRed ahead of time
2. Watch more movies.  (stay away from the tv since nothing is going to be on except reruns)
3. play inside games and toys
4. read a book
5. Go eat chinese food
6. Go to the movies (except there is nothing I wanna watch. Yes, I am whining. )
7. Get together with friends
8. Do arts and crafts
9. Clean the house/car/garage/attic
10. Catch up on household chores
11. Sleep!

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